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CCD Based Spectra UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Print
Model : HO-SP-SCCD2080

HOLMARC has developed an affordable UV/VIS CCD spectrophotometer array instrument that allows analysts to collect a full wavelength spectrum absorbance, percent transmittance or intensity in less than one second. Once the peak wavelength has been determined, the analyst can easily determine the concentration of a solution or monitor rate of reactions.

The MODEL : HO-SP-SCCD2080 device uses high-quality optics and the single-piece aluminum optical bench. This design makes the instrument stable in operation over time. It use a dual spectrum of deuterium and halogen lamp as light source. Emerging light goes through a high-quality diffraction grating, then the diffracted light is collected and sorted by the CCD array detector. MODEL : HO-SPSCCD2080 comes with a spectral range of 200-800nm.

    Dispersion Element : Concave Grating
    Grating Density : 785 l/mm
    Diffraction Efficiency : > 50% (Relative)
    Wavelength range : 200 - 800 nm
    Dispersion : 15.5 nm / mm
    Resolution : 1 nm
    Range : 0 to 199.9 %
    Resolution : 0.1 %
    Range : 0.300 to 1.999 A
    Resolution : 0.001 A
    Range : 300 to 1999 Concentration
    Resolution : 0.1 / 1
    Light Source : Deuterium & Halogen
    Sensor Specifications
    CCD Sensor : B/W line Sensor
    Number of Pixels : 3648
    Pixel Size : 8 x 200 micron
    Pixel Output Clock : 0.5 MHz
    ADC resolution : 16 bits
    Exposure Time Range : 0.1 ms - 6,500 ms
    Frame Rate : Up to 138 scans / second
    Interface : USB 2.0
    Compatibility : Windows 2000XP or higher
Measure absorbance, percent transmittance, fluorescence etc
Perform equilibrium studies of absorbance vs. time or absorbance vs. concentration
Perform colorimetric measurements
Measure emissions of gas discharge tubes, flame tests or other light sources.
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