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CCD Based Spectra UV-VIS Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer Print
Model : HO-SP-SCCD2080F

MODEL : HO-SP-SCCD2080F spectrophotometer can be used as fluorometer or in combination with spectrophotometer. Fluorimeter is a device used to measure parameters of fluorescence : its intensity and wavelength distribution of emission spectrum after excitation by certain spectrum of light.

This device uses two laser with different excitation wavelengths (405nm and 501nm) and it can quantitatively measure the fluorescence spectra of many compounds such as chlorophyll, fluorescein, GFP, and more. All other features remains same as MODEL : HO-SP-SCCD2080

Applications include chemistry / biochemistry, medicine, environmental monitoring. For instance, they are used to measure chlorophyll fluorescence to investigate plant physiology.

Fig. Optical Layout of Spectra HO-SP-SCCD2080F Spectrophotometer
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