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Model : Spectra CD 214VIS | Spectra CD 214 VIS-NIR | Spectra CD 214UV-VIS-NIR

Spectra CD214 is a CCD based prism spectrometer. It is identical to a grating instrument by principle, in which the dispersion element is pellin broca prism. The prism has high and constant efficiency over its range of transmittance. Filter is not required for measurement and it is an ultimate choice for absorption and emission spectra measurement and characterization.

CD214 Series spectrometers are available various resolution and wavelength range for different scientific spectroscopic application.

Various accessories include direct attached light source and sample holder. Sample holder for 10mm cuvettes connects to the entrance slit of the spectrometer. The optional dual entrance and exit ports allows the user to set up tow or more experiments simultaneously. The spectrometer is flexible in design. It can be easily customized to suit specific applications.

The Spectra Prism Spectrometer is a low-cost lab spectrometer that is ideal for educational and research spectroscopic applications. The use of linear CCD array with P.B prism makes it more convenient and user friendly compared to other spectroscopes. It can be used for educational and research spectroscopic applications.

Our CD214 Series Prism Spectrometer wavelength range starts from 200nm ends 1050nm and utilizes a detector with 3648 active pixels; that is 3648 data points in one full spectrum. The spectrometer is configured with a micrometer controlled entrance slit and offers ~0.1nm optical resolution (FWHM) [Spectra CD 214VIS]. The slits open from 0-3 mm in width by a micrometer spindle adjustment.

    Design : Constant Deviation Spectrometer
    Prism type : Pellin Broca
    Refractive index : 1.71736
    Abbe number Vd : 29.62
    Slit width : 0 - 3mm, Micrometer controlled
    CCD Sensor : B/W line Sensor
    Number of Pixels : 3648
    Pixel Size : 8 x 200 micron
    Pixel Output Clock : 0.5 MHz
    ADC resolution : 16 bits
    Exposure Time Range : 0.1ms - 6,500ms
    Frame Rate : Up to 138 scans / second
    Interface : USB 2.0
    Compatibility : Windows 2000 XP or higher
Fig. Optical Layout of Spectra CT UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer.
Typical Transmission of Fused Silica Glass (10 mm path length)
The spectra prism spectrometers available with a directly attached light source and sample holder (sold separately). The light source module includes a quartz halogen lamp and a sample holder for 10mm cuvettes that connects to the front of the spectrometer. Software included has capabilities for capturing single or continuous spectra, custom wavelength calibration, dark subtraction and intensity comparison, simultaneous display of overlay multiple spectra, exporting data to microsoft® excel etc. The software has facilities for automatically timed spectrum saving.
Fused Silical pellin broca prism is available for UV (~180nm) spectroscopic applications and it can be used up to 2000nm (IR). NSF1 pellin broca prism is used for visible and IR (400nm to 1530nm). Key quality features of the Fused silica grade prisms are excellent UV transmittance, very low fluorescence, low stress birefringence, very low thermal expansion coefficient and high temperature stability.
Model Dispersion Element Wavelength Range Detector Resolution
Spectra CD 214VIS PB N-SF1 400 - 700 nm Line CCD 3648 pixels 0.1 nm
Spectra CD 214 VIS-NIR PB N-SF1 380 - 1000 nm Line CCD 3648 pixels 0.5 nm
Spectra CD 214UV-VIS-NIR PB Fused Silica 200 - 1000 nm UV Line CCD 3648 pixels 1 nm
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