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Model No: HO-A216FR/KR-ORMS

Holmarc has introduced a new innovative high sensitivity and high magnetic field Spectroscopic Faraday/Kerr effect measuring equipment utilizing the UV-VIS-NIR wavelengths. HOLMARC A216 FR/KR test station provides standardized testing solution to fit wide ranging optical rotation measurement applications. The modular hardware design allows user to take automatic measurements in faraday and MOKE. It is designed to effect Magneto-Optic Kerr and Faraday effect measurement in the wavelength range of 200nm to 845nm. It is extremely flexible test station based on HARS. Any magnetic thin films, crystals or solutions having Kerr effect and Faraday effect can be subjected to optical rotation measurements.

The Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect (MOKE) measurements makes use of the rotation of polarization of light upon reflection from a magnetized film. It can be used to measure magnetic properties of magnetic thin films, nano-magnet arrays etc. Uniform external magnetic field changes polarization states of samples and this changes can be measured with an incident linearly polarized laser which in turn changes its initial polarization angle.

Thermal dependence measurements are achieved by application by TE cooler. -20°C to 40°C with a resolution of 0.1°C is possible with the system. The optical activity of transparent substance under an external electric field can also be investigated with addition of HV power supply on this unit.
Optical rotation measurement resolution : ± 0.005 Degree
Detecting sensitivity : 0.001deg. (at transparence more than 20%)
Ellipticity measurement : ±0.01 deg.
Optical rotation measuring range : ± 90deg
Measuring wavelength range : 200nm - 845nm
Spectral bandwidth : 1nm ( Variable band pass up to 10nm )
Max. magnetic field : 17,500 Gauss
Min. field detection : 1 Gauss
Magnetic field preciseness : ± 0.05%
    Light source : Spectra 150W Xenon Arc Lamp
    Monochromator : Quasar 300F Czerny-Turner type
    Spectral dispersion : 2.6 nm / mm
    Polarization analysis method : Rotation analyzing method
    Positioning arms : Stepper motor controlled auto positioning
    Spot diameter : 1 - 5 mm
    Thin film holder sample size : 1 - 12 mm
  (Custom holders can be provided on request)
    Cuvette : 10mm path length quartz cuvette
    Sample chamber option : High / low temperature sample holder
    Sample Feeding Unit : Stepper motor controlled auto positioning system
    Electro Magnet Unit : PC controlled constant current operation
    Cooling : Water cooled
    Max. magnetic field : 1.75 Tesla @ 12mm pole gap
    Min. Field Detection : 1 Gauss
    Magnetic field preciseness : ± 0.05 %
    Field detection : Hall probe based (PC based field measurement)
    Feed back of magnetic field : Hall element
    Sample Heating / Cooling : TE cooler
    Temperature range : -20 to 40°C
    Thermo control method : PID control
    Thermo stability : ± 0.1°C
    Chiller : 5 ~ 25°C Chilling water (for cooling electromagnet)
    Volume : 2 L / min.
    Power supply for electro magnet : Bi - Polar type (Max. ±90V / 5A)
  2.5kVA AC220V 50Hz
    Control unit : 1kVA AC220V 50Hz
    Software : Spectra ORMS software
    200 - 845nm measurement range
    0.005 degree optical rotation resolution
    Fully automatic control
    Magnetic field detecting & feedback facility
    MOKE measurements
    -20 to 40°C temperature dependant study
    Ellipsometric measurements (Optional)
Optical rotation of thin films, crystals, fluids etc, having Faraday effect
Verdet constant measurements of transparent solids and liquids
Faraday rotation / Ellipticity angles
Polar Kerr rotation / Ellipticity angles
Magnetic field vs. Faraday rotation angle property at a desired wavelength
Faraday rotation angle vs. wavelength dispersion property
Faraday rotation angle vs. thermal dependence property (Optional)
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