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Model No: HO-UV215ORMS

It is designed to effect Faraday rotation angle measurement in the range of wavelength 200nm to 850nm. Magnetic field dependency of Faraday rotation can be measured precisely with this equipment. The working of this Faraday effect measuring equipment working is based on the rotation analyzer method. Max. magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss can be generated at pole gap of 12mm. Optical rotation measurement resolution is ±0.01deg.

By using optional device, thermal dependence can also be measured. It is possible to evaluate thermal dependency property in the range of -70 to 300°C, as it can be designed to mount heating chamber and cryostat. The software allows users to control the sample temperature and magnetic field.

Performance Note : Thermal dependence study is
not included in the standard device
Optical rotation measurement resolution : 0.005 Degree ( at transparence more than 20% )
Detecting sensitivity : 0.001deg.
Optical rotation measuring range : ± 90deg
Measuring wavelength range : 200nm - 845nm
Spectral bandwidth : 1nm ( Variable band pass up to 10nm )
Max. magnetic field : 15,000 Gauss at 12mm pole gap
Min. field detection : 1 Gauss
Magnetic field preciseness : ± 0.05%
    Light source : Spectra 150W Xenon Arc Lamp
    Monochromator : Quasar 300F Czerny-Turner type
    Polarization analysis method : Rotation analyzing method
    Cuvette : 10 mm path length glass cuvette
  (Custom holders can be provided on request)
    Sample chamber options : High / low temperature sample holder
    Sample moving stage : X, Y & Z axis positioner
    Travel : X, Y & Z (± 5mm)
    Positioning resolution : 10 micron
    Electro magnet Unit : PC controlled constant current operation
    Cooling : Water cooled
    Max. magnetic field : 1.6 Tesla @ 12mm pole gap
    Min. field Detection : 1 Gauss
    Field detection : Hall probe based (PC based field measurement)
    Feed back of magnetic field : Feed back as the sensor of hall element
    Chiller : 5 ~ 25°C chilling water (for cooling electromagnet)
    Power supply for electro magnet : Bi-polar type ( Max. ± 90V / 5A )
    Software : Spectra ORMS software
    Flexible and adaptable optical layout
    200 - 845nm measurement range
    0.005 degree optical rotation resolution
    Option for fully automatic control
    Magnetic field detecting sensor
    Magnetic field feedback facility
A Model : HC 300
  Chamber for sample heating from room temperature up to
300°C for measuring temperature dependence property.
By heater, range from RT to 300°C, PID thermo control
Setting resolution : 0.1° C
Thermo sensor : Pt 100 Ohms
B Model : NC 70
  Sample holder for low temperature (Nitrogen CRYOSTAT)
Chamber to cool sample down to -70°C by liquid nitrogen
Setting resolution : 1°C
Thermo sensor : Pt 100 Ohms
C Model : TE 20
  Heating / cooling method by TE cooler
Temperature range, -20 to 40°C
Thermo control method : PID control
Thermo stability : ±0.1°C

When options are mounted on the equipment, max. magnetic field may be reduced.

Custom magneto-optical system can be supplied.
Special sample stages can be provide for precision movement of the sample about vertical and horizontal axes

OR measurement of thin films, crystals, fluids etc, having Faraday effect
Verdet constant measurement of transparent solids and liquids
Magnetic field vs. Faraday rotation angle at a desired wavelength
Faraday rotation angle vs. Wavelength dispersion
Faraday rotation angle vs. Thermal dependence (optional feature)
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