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HPRA - Series PINH - Series
Material : Copper
25mm outer diameter
20 Micron thickness
Compatible with PHC-3 pinhole cells
Material : Stainless Steel
25mm outer diameter
25 Micron thickness
Compatible with PHC-3 pinhole cells
Model No: Size
HPRA-3-5 5μm +/_ 1μm
HPRA-3-10 10μm +/_ 1μm
HPRA-3-15 15μm +/_ 1.5μm
HPRA-3-25 20μm +/_ 2μm
HPRA-3-50 25μm +/_ 2μm
HPRA-3-100 30μm +/_ 2μm
HPRA-3-200 35μm +/_ 2μm
Model No: Size
PINH-5 5μm +/_ 1μm
PINH-10 10μm +/_ 1μm
PINH-15 15μm +/_ 1.5μm
PINH-20 20μm +/_ 2μm
PINH-25 25μm +/_ 2μm
PINH-30 30μm +/_ 2μm
PINH-35 35μm +/_ 2μm
PIN-H - Series PIN-H-A - Series
Material : Stainless Steel
9.35mm outer diameter
25 Micron thickness
Compatible mounts available
* Custom hole size can be provided.
Material : Aluminium
9.35mm outer diameter
15 Micron thickness
Compatible mounts available
* Custom hole size can be provided.
Model No: Size
PIN-H-025 0.25mm
PIN-H-050 0.50mm
PIN-H-075 0.75mm
PIN-H-100 1.00mm
PIN-H-200 2.00mm
PIN-H-300 3.00mm
Model No: Size
PIN-H-A-025 0.25mm
PIN-H-A-050 0.50mm
PIN-H-A-075 0.75mm
PIN-H-A-100 1.00mm
PIN-H-A-200 2.00mm
PIN-H-A-300 3.00mm

Pinhole Cells - Model No. PHC-3

These pinhole cells are suitable for 25mm dia. mounted pinholes. It can be used with rigid, kinematic, XY, XYZ and 5axis stages. It comes with standard RMS thread for fixing to various mounts.

RMS external thread
Material : aluminium
Finish : Black Anodized

Round Apertures - AS Series
Model No: Diameter D
AS-0.5 0.5 mm
AS-1 1 mm
AS-2 2 mm
AS-3 3 mm
AS-4 4 mm
AS-5 5 mm
AS-6 6 mm
AS-7 7 mm
AS-8 8 mm
AS-9 9 mm
AS-10 10 mm
Material : aluminium
Finish : black anodized
25mm outer diameter
0.5 mm thickness
Compatible with RLM-25 mount

Compatible mounts are available for other standard / nonstandard pinholes

Std Variable Round Aperture - SSID Series
SSID series variable round apertures are used for general laboratory use.
Made of brass and aluminium
Lever made of spring steel
Compatible with MSSID
    Series mounts
Black anodized finish
Model No: Max. Apreture Min. Apreture D Thickness
SSID-12 12 mm 0.8 mm 19.8 5.0
SSID-25 25 mm 0.8 mm 37 5.5
SSID-37 37 mm 1.2 mm 53 6.0
SSID-50 50 mm 2 mm 70 7.5

Std Variable Round Aperture Mount - MSSID Series
MSSID series variable aperture mounts are suitable for SSID series apertures. Stainless steel variable apertures and compatible mounts are available.
Aluminium alloy construction
M6 mounting holel
Black anodized finish
Compatible SSID series
Model No: D t d Suitable Aperture
MSSID-12 19.8 8.0 35.8 SSID-12
MSSID-25 37 8.5 53.0 SSID-25
MSSID-37 53 9.0 69.0 SSID-37
MSSID-50 70 10.5 86.0 SSID-50

Std Variable Slit - SVRA Series
Precision leadscrew driven slits are
available for a max. opening of 2mm.
Slit having 15mm length
0 - 2mm opening
Opens equally from center
Polished steel blades
M6 mounting hole
Post mountable
Aluminum alloy construction
Black anodized finish
Model No:

Fixed Slit - SFRA Series
Fixed slits range starts from 20micron. Slit height is 15mm for all models. Slits are available in stainless steel, brass, aluminium and printed plastic film.
Model No:
How to order ?...
Eg. Configuration
Model No: SFRA-25-SS-0050
Material Code
Stainless steel : SS
Brass : CZ
Aluminium : AL
Plastic Film : PF
» SFRA-25 ......... Fixed slit model number
» SS .................. Material Code
» 0050 .............. Slit width in micron

Two way Adjustable Slit - TWAS Series
XY adjustable optical slits are useful when precise height adjustments are required for the slit. Two pairs of blade is arranged in horizontal and vertical configuration.
Adjustable opening position
0-10mm opening in X & Y direction
Two way adjustable
Polished brass blades
M6 mounting hole
Post mountable
Aluminum alloy construction
Black anodized finish
Model No:

Spatial Filter Mount - SFAS Series
Fine XY adjustment facility provided for both objective and pinhole. Pinhole assembly is detachable and can be inserted after aligning objective with other optics for spatial filtering. The distance between the objective mount and pinhole mount can be varied from 30 mm to 50 mm to accommodate various objective sizes.
Model No:
Note: Pinholes and microscope objectives are sold separately.

15 micron pinhole 36.00$
Model No. PIN-H-A -015

Pinholes PIN-H-Series 025 26.00$
Model No. PIN-H-025

Pinholes PIN-H-Series 050 26.00$
Model No. PIN-H-050

Pinholes PIN-H-Series 075 26.00$
Model No. PIN-H-075

Pinholes PINH-Series 10 32.00$
Model No. PINH-10

Pinholes PINH-Series 15 31.00$
Model No. PINH-15

Pinholes PINH-Series 20 30.00$
Model No. PINH-20

Pinholes PINH-Series 25 30.00$
Model No. PINH-25

Pinholes PINH-Series 30 30.00$
Model No. PINH-30

Pinholes PINH-Series 40 29.00$
Model No. PINH-40

Pinholes PINH-Series 50 29.00$
Model No. PINH-50

Spatial Filter 155.00$
Model No. SFAS

Variable Round Aperture – SSID Series 25 30.00$
Model No. SSID-25

Variable Round Aperture Mount – MSSID Series 25 12.50$
Model No. MSSID-25
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