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Dip Coating Unit

Model: HO-TH-01

Silent & smooth operation
20 x 4 line LED display with 5 programs memory

Holmarc’s Dip Coating Unit has been designed to keep operator involvement as minimum as possible so that variables like speed, duration, etc. are maintained accurately by computer control. Movements are achieved by a precision servo motor controlled linear stage.

Dip-coating process, includes five stages: immersion, start-up, deposition, evaporation and drainage. In the dip coating method, the substrate is slowly dipped into and withdrawn from a tank containing the solution, with a uniform velocity, in order to obtain a uniform coating.

A microprocessor based system along with user friendly software takes care of accurate control throughout the process. Speed, traverse and idling duration can be programmed. The system is complete with mechanics, substrate holder, electronics and software.

    Actuator     :     Servo motor
    Drive mechanism     :     Lead screw
    Speed control     :     Available
    Power input     :     230V, 50Hz
    PC connectivity     :     Serial port (RS 232)
    Stroke length max.     :     100 mm
    Drawing speed min.     :     2 micron / sec
    Drawing speed max.     :     9000 micron / sec
    Dimensions (appx.)     :     200 x 150 x 380 mm
    Weight (appx.)     :     54 Kg

Custom Model

Model: HO-TH-01B

Film formation in dipping is dependent on the viscosity of the fluid. The process is messy and can be highly hazardous. The viscosity of the fluid in a dip tank must remain practically constant if the deposited film quality is to remain high. Dip coating is well suited for high production coating of relatively simple shapes. Transfer efficiency is very high, all contact areas are coated, equipment requirements are low, and the process can be conveyorized and automated.

The product shown (HO-TH-01B) here has been developed for specific research applications. It can be customized to suit related research activities in thin film formation. We welcome customization queries. Dip coating is done by immersing a substrate into a tank containing the coating material, removing from the tank, and allowing it to drain. The coated piece can then be dried by force-drying or baking.

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