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Dual Channel UV-VIS-IR Spectrometer has two independent spectrometer sensors with 3648 pixel element sharing the same housing. The focal planes of the Spectrographs are matched to provide simultaneous spectrum detection at CCD array. It has both high quality optics and proven electronics . The optical system uses a special grating to achieve a dual channel device.

Each channel can represent different wavelength range. Both channels cover the same spectral range are also available and are used in situations where a reference channel is required. Wavelength range from 200nm up to 1100nm can be measured.

Resolution is dependant on the wave- length range but resolution down to 0.1nm / pixel is available. Contact us with the spectral range you need, we will advise on a suitable grating.
Available in Concave grating, Prism &
    Czerny-Turner design
User-configurable wavelength range and resolution
Less than 0.1nm spectral resolution
USB-to-PC interface; no external power requirement
Like all our spectra instruments, the software included is capable of capturing single or continuous spectra, custom wavelength calibration, routine and systematic detection of spectra peaks, dark subtraction and intensity comparison, simultaneous display of overlay multiple spectra, exporting data to microsoft® excel etc. The software has facilities for automatically timed spectrum saving.
Numerous fiber accessories and light sources are available with the Dual Channel UV-VIS-IR Spectrometer. Contact us at
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