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These translation stages are designed for positioning heavy loads in X, Y and Z directions precisely without play and wobble. Preloaded roller bearing guides are used for all the three axes for friction free and play less movement. Even with heavy loads, movements are smooth and effortless. Worm gear drive is used in Z axis where as lead screw drive is used for X and Y axes. Top surface of the stage is provided with M6 tapped holes at 25 mm grid. Linear scale with vernier is provided for measured and repeatable positioning. The stage is constructed in aluminium alloy and given a black anodized finish. These stages can be made available in various sizes, travel ranges, heights and load capacity.

If the travel requirement is below 50 mm, X and Y axes can be driven by micrometers with 0.01 mm resolution. In this case, more precise positioning is possible compared to lead screw drive and vernier reading. Another feature we provide is locking facility after positioning. Lock is normally provided by the side of the stages with appropriately sized hand knobs. Lock will prevent accidental movements of the stage from its fixed position. For custom stages, our design department will provide you drawing for approval before taking up for production.
    Travel : 100mm XYZ Axis
    Load Capacity : 50kg
    Drive : Lead screw
    Straight Line Accuracy : 10 microns
    Read Out : 0.1mm (Venire Scale)
    Guide way : Precision ball bearing guide way
    Construction Material : Aluminum alloy B51S
    Finish : Black anodized (Aluminium)
    Mounting : M6 tapped holes on carriage
        : M6 CLR slot for mounting the stage to breadboard
Model No: Travel Size (L x B x H)
XYZTS-200200-3 X-100, Y-100, Z-100 200 x 200 x 200 mm
XYZTS-250200-3 X-100, Y-100, Z-100 250 x 200 x 240 mm
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