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Holmarc manufactures precision XY stages for microscopes of various makes as per custom specifications. These stages have coarse and fine travel mechanisms. Coarse movement with resolution of 0.01 mm is achieved by micrometer heads whereas fine travel with resolution of 0.0003 is achieved by combination of micrometer and lever mechanism. Sample size is generally 25 mm x 75 mm (suitable for standard glass slides). Both X and Y stages have ball bearing guideways for friction less and stick slip free movements. The stage is constructed in aluminium alloy and given a black anodized, reflection free finish.
Manual Sample Stage Model : XY-MF-25
Sample Size : 75mm x 25mm
Travel Range : 10mm Continuous
Coarse travel resolution : 10 Micrometer
Fine travel resolution : 0.1 Micrometer
Suitable for inverted microscope
Motorized XY Sample Stage         Model : XY-MF-150
Sample Size : 60mm x 50mm
Travel : 150mm (X) & 50mm (Y)
Sample Size : 60mm x 50mm Max.
Drive : Motorized
Resolution : 10 Micrometer
Suitable for inverted microscope
XY Manual Stage for Microscope            Model : XY-MIC-25

This XY stage is used to move and position the entire microscope assembly in X and Y directions. The microscope can be mounted on the top surface of the stage by making use of the tapped holes provided. Drive is by standard micrometer heads with 0.01 mm resolution and 25mm traverse. Smooth movements by micrometers are possible even under heavy loads. This is achieved by friction free ball bearing guideways used for the stage. Side locks are provided for both axes to avoid accidental movements of the microscope and to ensure added stability once positioned.

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