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Opto Mechanical Kit - 12mm Post System Print
12mm post system
Stackable containers
Packed in labeled container
185 mounting components
Price : $ 980.00
OMK-01 Kit contains all commonly used posts, post bases, post collars, post clamps, table clamps etc. OMK-01 contains 185 components . You can get more flexibility while you are setting up an optical set up due to the variety of components in a single package. All items are kept in a labelled container for safe storage.
Item Model No: Description Diameter of post
P-30 12mm dia post - 30mm long 10
P-40 12mm dia post - 40mm long 10
P-50 12mm dia post - 50mm long 10
P-75 12mm dia post - 70mm long 10
P-100 12mm dia post - 100mm long 10
P-150 12mm dia post - 150mm long 5
PH-30 Post holder for 12mm dia post-30mm long 10
PH-50 Post holder for 12mm dia post-50mm long 10
PH-75 Post holder for 12mm dia post-75mm long 10
PH-100 Post holder for 12mm dia post-100mm long 10
PH-150 Post holder for 12mm dia post-150mm long 5
PB-6525 Post base 10
PB-7525 Post base 10
PB-6550 Post base 10
RAC-12 Right Angle Post Clamp 10
SWPC-12 Swivel Type Post Clamp 5
L-TC-50 L Shaped Table Clamp 10
PC-12 Post collar 15
PGK-20 Pedestal Adapter for PH Series Post holder 5
PF-25 Pedestal fork for PKG 20 Pedestal Adapter 10

Plunger Knobe 1.10$
Model No. PGK-20
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