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Model No: HO-PP-M300D

Careful ergonomical design makes our profile projectors user friendly in almost all applications. Unique opto-mechanical features of our instrument ensure optical performance as well as measuring accuracy. In Model HO-PP-M300D, measuring range is 100mm x 200mm. Our profile projectors find applications in routine inspection of mechanical, electrical and electronics parts in production floors as well as in laboratories.

Profile projector magnifies and projects size and shape of a work piece on to a fine ground glass with precision. The screen has a 90 degree cross hair lines and is fixed on a 360 degree rotatable ring operated by a knob. The rotating ring is graduated to 360 degree with a vernier resolution of 3 arc minutes. Our profile projectors use multi-layer AR coated tele-centric projection lenses which ensure high transmission with optimal contrast for viewing and measuring complex contours. Linear measurements are taken from precision XY stages fitted with either digital read outs (DRO) or micrometers.

Projection screen brightness is a decisive factor in how easy it is use a profile projector. Our profile projector uses high bright tungsten halide lamp for both contour and surface illumination. The brightness can be adjusted continuously by rotating a knob at the front base. The work piece under inspection is placed on the measuring XY stage. Under proper illumination, a clear image is formed on the screen. The focusing can be done by rotating the knob provided at the front base of the instrument. Measurements are taken from the micrometer or DRO by moving the image with respect to the cross hair line on the screen. Angular measurements can be taken by rotating the screen with respect to the fixed image. The stage is provided with a center hole and transparent glass top for bottom illumination.
   Protractor Screen
   Effective Screen Diameter : 300 mm
   Screen Material : Fine Ground Glass
   Screen rotation : ± 360°
   Reference Line : 90° cross line
   Angle Display : Scale with resolution 2’
   Projection Lenses
   Projection Lenses : 10 X (Standard Accessory)
   (Optional Accessory) : 20 X (Model No. PP-M300-PL20)
: 50 X (Model No. PP-M300-PL50)
   Magnification Accuracy
   Contour Illumination : ± 0.10% or less
   Surface Illumination : ± 0.15% or less
   Contour Illumination
   Light Source : Halogen bulb (24 V, 150W)
   Optical System : Telecentric
   Brightness Control : Continuously variable
   Surface Illumination
   Light Source : High bright LED (2 Nos.)
   Brightness Control : Continuously variable
   Focusing : Manual
   XY Stage
   Travel : 100 x 200 mm
   Measuring Unit : DRO ( XY coordinate data)
   Resolution : 0.001 mm
   Power Supply
   Power Supply : 240V AC, 50 / 60Hz
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