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Solar Simulator - Xenon Lamp
Model: HO-SC-SS300
Temperature ranges from 0 to 150°C
Displays Conductivity with Temperature

Solar simulator is one of the essential equipment for studying solar cells. The high color temperature (6000K) of the Xenon lamps is a close match to the solar temperature. This results in very similar solar spectra in the UV and VIS although the source has some Xe emissions lines in the near IR. The purpose of the solar simulator is to provide a controllable indoor test facility under laboratory conditions, used for the testing of solar cells, sun screen, plastics, and other materials and devices.

    Spectral Match (fraction of ideal percentage) :     0.60 - 1.40
    Non-Uniformity of Irradiance :     < ± 10 %
    Temporal Light Instability :     ± 2 %
    Illumination Head Design :     360 Degree Continuous Rotatable
    Illumination Diameter :     50 mm
    Shutter :     Manual (Optional Motorized Shutter)

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