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Model : HO-SP-3S300F

HOLMARC Model HO-SP-S100C is a CCD spectrometer based on Czerny-Turner optical design. This device works in the wavelength range of 200 to 1100nm. Scanning spectrometer can rapidly scan a range of wavelengths and record light intensity at each wavelength.

Holographic diffraction grating used in this spectrometer disperses light by diffracting different wavelengths at different angles and it subsequently focused by a second concave mirror. The grating is positioned to get all the wavelength of light in to a linear CCD. The required wavelength range is selected by rotating angle of the grating.

The mirror and slit positions remain fixed. It utilizes a computer controlled motorized turret for automatic grating and wavelength selection. Resolution and wavelength range of the spectrometer is dependant on the selection of grating.

A stepping-motor controlled sine drive positions the grating, which is mounted on a precision rotary table. The sine drive delivers a linear relationship between stepper motor motion and wavelength of interest. It includes a mechanism to change the wavelength selected by the software and to record the resulting changes in the measured quantity as a function of the wavelength. Scanning is possible for a desired wavelength range. This feature can save time whenever full wavelength range scan is not necessary.

The motorized turret is powered by a stepper motor mechanically coupled through a direct worm gear drive. Electronics is packaged inside the housing and has an RS-232 interface to the computer. For USB interface a Serial to USB converter is connected to the RS-232 output and a USB converter driver needs to be loaded on the computer so that it will recognize the USB interface as a virtual RS-232 serial port. There is also a fast and interactive graphical software interface allowing full control of all the spectrograph functions.

    Optical path configuration : Czerny-Turner type
    Focal Length : 300 mm
    Aperture Ratio : f / 6
    Port Configuration : Single I/P & O/P (Customizable)
    Dispersion element : Holographic grating UV Optimized
    Grating density : 1200
    Grating Size : 50 x 50 mm
    Relative diffraction efficiency : 65 %
    Wavelength range : 200 - 1100 nm
    Resolution with CCD (FWHM) : ~ 0.058 nm
    Band width per pixel : ~ 0.029 nm
    Slit width* : 0 - 3 mm, Micrometer controlled
    Slit Resolution : 10 Micron
    Dispersion : 2.459 nm / mm @ 350 nm
    CCD wavelength coverage : 70 nm
    CCD Sensor : B/W line Sensor
    Number of Pixels : 3648
    Pixel Size : 8 x 200 micron
    Pixel Output Clock : 0.5 MHz
    ADC resolution : 16 bits
    Exposure Time Range : 0.1 ms - 6,500 ms
    Frame Rate : Up to 138 scans / second
    Interface : USB2.0
    Compatibility : Windows 2000XP or higher
    *Default slit width is 20 μm
    Spectral Coverage: approximate, use for reference purpose only
Multitude of research and laboratory applications
High resolution spectral analysis
High wavelength accuracy
200 - 1100nm spectral range in a single scan
Optional photomultiplier and silicon photo diode detector
Adjustable Input slit to control the spectral resolution
Selectable wavelength range
RS-232 and USB to serial port extension module
Optional optical port with optical output and detector input ports

Heavy duty aluminium construction is used for high stability with respect to vibration and thermal effects. Multiple accessory options allow the user to configure the system for custom applications. The basic system and accessories are designed in modular fashion. More and more accessories can be added as the applications expand. It can be used for spectroscopic study of LED and other optical filters, general emission and absorption experiments etc.

Dual exit port configuration model is also available. It enables simultaneous mounting of different detectors. It helps to work with different wavelength region. The Software allows usage of all functions of each device independently. All systems can be made completely automated and PC-controlled.

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