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Model : HO-SP-M01S | HO-SP-M03S

Holmarc Spectra UV-VIS-INR standard monochromators are designed for general spectroscopic research needs. These monochromators are designed using a single 1200l/mm holographic precision grating. A microprocessor onboard controls used for precision wavelengthpositioning. These can be operated either from the front panel of the instrument or through a personal computer which can be interfaced with the device by using RS 232C serial port. The instrument is made user friendly by incorporating LCD display and keyboards. Input and output ports of the monochromator are fitted with precise, micrometer controlled variable slits.

Mirrors are kinematically mounted for fine tuning during installation and setup. The software developed for the instrument has facilities for setting up and calibration as well. System accepts input data as wavelength or wave number.

Monochromator consists of diffraction grating, slits and spherical mirrors, all held by precision opto-mechanical mounts. The input light source, which is always application depended, typically emits a broad spectrum of radiations. Diffraction grating disperses light by diffracting different wavelengths at different angles. The angular position of the grating is adjusted by use of rotary stage so that the required wavelength of light is passed through the exit slit and all other wavelengths are blocked. Position of mirrors and slits are not changed.

Precision stepper motor controlled rotation stage is used for driving the grating. Very fine resolution for the grating stage is achieved by the micro-stepping feature of the stepper motor control. Wavelength selection is made much easier with automated system compared to manually adjusted versions.

    Model : HO-SP-M01S
    Optical path : Czerny-Turner Configuration
    Wavelength Range : 200 - 1600 nm
    Scanning Range : 200 - 1100 nm (Default)
    Collimating & Focusing mirror : 50 mm dia, 300 F
    Optical Grating : 1200 l / mm
    Grating Size : 50 x 50 mm
    Absolute Diffraction Efficiency : 45 - 65 %
    Slit Width : 0 ~ 3mm Continuously Adjustable
    Resolution : 0.1 nm (@ 546nm, 10μm slit width)
    Wavelength Accuracy : ≤ 0.2 nm
    Wavelength Repeatability : ≤ 0.1 nm
    Stray Light : ≤ 10-3
    Reciprocal of Linear Dispersion : 2.7 mm
    Half-Width of Spectral line : ≤ 0.2nm @ 586 nm
    Model : HO-SP-M03S
    Optical path : Czerny-Turner type
    Focusing mirror : 80 mm dia, 500 F
    Collimating mirror : 80 mm dia, 500 F
    Clear aperture : 76.92 mm
    Coating : Broadband Al-Coating
    Folding mirror : 55 x 40 mm
    Grating Size : 50 x 50 mm (68 x 68 mm Optional)
    Resolution : 0.05 nm @ 435.8 nm
[1200 gr/mm grating, 10mm slits]
    Accuracy : +/- 0.2 nm
    Repeatability : +/- 0.04 nm
    Drive-step size : 0.0025 nm with 1200 gr/mm
    Dispersion : 1.7 nm / mm
    Aperture : f / 6.5
    Interface : RS232 & USB Standard
    Focal-plane size : 26 mm wide x 14 mm high
    A fixed diverter mirror assembly for entrance side port
    - A exit selection diverter mirror assembly for exit ports
    - A micrometer controlled adjustable slit assembly for entrance and exit ports,
    0 to 3mm (10 micrometer increment / decrement unit)
Micrometer adjustable slits for precision control of incoming light.
User specified gratings to meet specific applications
Stepping motor scanning for precision wavelength positioning
Optional internal shutter or filter wheel
Optional motorized slit
Custom configurations
Fig. Optical Layout of Spectra HO-SP-M01 Monochromator
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Model : HO-SP-M02S - 400 mm Focal length Monochromator
Model : HO-SP-M04S - 600 mm Focal length Monochromator
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