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Fiber optic illumination systems - LED & Halogen-Deuterium - Up to 150W
HOLMARC has expanded its range of fiber optic illumination systems with high-power LED and Halogen-Deuterium light sources. Though designed for use as a stand-alone device, it can easily be mounted on a frame or in a rack using screws. A standard light guide adapter ensures compatibility with all fiber light guides. For efficient coupling, HOLMARC also offers a light source with integrated focusing optics for smaller fiber diameters. It can be directly coupled to all spectra products. Deuterium lamp can also be incorporated in this housing for UV applications.
Fiber optic illumination systems - Xenon & Mercury Discharge Tube
This stand-alone illuminator consists of a mercury or xenon arc lamp, lamp housing, mirror and power supply in a single enclosure. It is designed to be used with a fiber optic guide which transmits intense illumination to the monochromator, spectrometer and other instru-ments. The lamp’s cabinet accommodates a standard filter wheel that slides easily in and out of a slot in the light path. We also offer a variety of patchcords and collimating optics.
Mercury Discharge Tube Model - std (Model : HO-SPA-LSMD-OF200)
Xe Arc Lamp Model - 150W (Model : HO-SPA-LSXe-OF200)
Cuvette holder with fiber optic collimator unit
Our cuvette holders are for standard 10 mm path length cuvettes. They are designed to work in UV-VIS-NIR (~200 nm-2 μm) spectral range. They have two terminals (Three terminal holders are also available for fluorescence measurements) and one slot for transmittance/absorptance measurements. The embedded collimating lenses are made from fused silica material.
Two terminal (Model : HO-SPA-OFSPM2T)
Three terminal for fluorescence related measurements (Model : HO-SPA-OFSPM3T)
Cuvette holder with fiber optic collimator unit
This fiber optics cuvette holder is designed to attach directly to light sources and can be coupled to spectrometers via optical fibers to create a small-footprint spectrophotometric system for fluorescence and absorbance experiments. The holder is optimized for UV-VIS-NIR (200-1100 nm) applications and holds 10mm square curvettes. Filter can be directly attached to the system for transmittance / absorptance measurements.
Two terminal (Model : HO-SPA-OFSPMLT)
Three terminal for fluorescence related
measurements (Model : HO-SPA-OFSPML2T)
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