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Spectrometer Goniometer
Spectrometer Goniometer
Spectrometer Goniometer
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Model : HO-SP-RE-01
Spectrometer Goniometer (Model No: HO-SP-RE-01) is designed as a versatile instrument suitable for any optics laboratory. Its optical rail based construction allows the user to device it for multitudes of applications. Laser engraved, precise rotary graduations ensure reliable and repeatable read outs. Its sturdy movements along with its fine positioning capabilities makes the instrument suitable for many a research activities other than spectroscopy.
Modern & user friendly design
Numerous supporting accessories...
Include Comprehensive manual.
The measurement of refractive index is carried out with a dispersion prism made from the material to be tested. For the measurements of fluids, a hollow prism is used which is filled with the fluid. The optical parameters like optical density, reflectivity, transitivity, absorption, polarization angle etc. are determined with the help of a photo diode detector. It can also be used as a spectroscope for qualitative examination and measurement of emission and absorption spectra.

The diffraction angle of plane grating and holographic grating can also be measured. Various accessories and mounting options are available.

All components are made of aluminium and stainless steel to avoid corrosion. All optics used are of research quality. The slit used is of precision grade with micrometer adjustments for sub-micron sensitivity. The well designed mechanics of the Goniometer allows maintenance-free operation over many years.

The instrument can be used for inspection of various optical components in laboratories or workshops.

Open and flexible design facilitates quick modification of the instrument for custom applications. This goniometer can also be used for checking reflection & transmission ratios of thin films coated on glass substrate.

    Prism Table : 10 arc minute
    Telescope Positioning : 1 arc minute
    Design : Variable, 0 - 3 mm
    Micrometer controlled
    Resolution : 10 Micron
Spectrometer Gonimeter Equilateral High Index Prism Hollow Prism
Diffraction grating Mercury Lamp with Power Supply  
   Application Include
Emission spectrum
Absorption spectrum
R.P of grating & prisms
Dichroism etc.
Angle measurements of equilateral prism, wedge prism, biprism etc.
Refractive index measurements.
Determination of
Groove spacing
Biprism diffraction etc.
Measuring Optical Parameters like
Optical density
Polarization angle etc.
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