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Double beam -UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer Print
Model No: HO-SP-1990X
The Model HO-SP-1990X from HOLMARC is a high performance UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer which combines research grade UV-VIS-NIR photometric performance with the ease operation. Designed for the measurement of liquid samples, scanning spectrometer with dual light beams and dual sample holders are capable of simultaneous measurements. This spectrometer uses a mirrored rotating chopper wheel to alternately direct the light beam through the sample and reference cells. During the wavelength scans, the spectrum of absorbance and transmittance are recorded as a function of wavelength. The detection electronics and software program can then manipulate the P and Po values.
This instrument ensures high sensitivity, reduced noise, and ultra-low stray light. Operations are controlled by the Spectra Photometric X software, a modular Windows-based software which makes it easy to perform powerful analysis and control optional accessories.
HOLMARC offer various standard and custom solutions for spectrophotometry. We manufacture custom spectrophotometer systems for different applications. We can rapidly develop a custom product solution based on the modular illumination and detection technologies readily available. We also work with production and design engineers of our clients from concept development to execution.
Single-beam Vs. Double-beam design

In single-beam absorption spectroscopy, obtaining a spectrum requires manually measuring the transmittance of the sample and solvent at each wavelength. The double-beam design greatly simplifies this process by measuring the transmittance of the sample and solvent simultaneously.

The problem with single-beam measurement is that, if there are any changes in the intensity of light from the lamp with time, the single beam instrument cannot account for that, whereas the double-beam instrument does. It splits the beam after the wavelength selector so that it can alternately pass through the sample or the detector. The result is that the instrument can keep track of source light intensity, thereby enabling it to correct for variations in source intensity.

Design : Double Beam Optical Design
Range : 190 to 900nm
Resolution : 0.1 nm
Accuracy : ± 0.2 nm
Spectral Bandwidth : 0.5 nm
Range : 0 to 100%
Resolution : 0.1 %
Accuracy : ± 1 %
Noise Levels : < 1 %
Stability : 1% / Hr after warm-up
Range : 0 to 2A
Resolution : 0.001A
PC Interface : RS232 / USB
Software : Spectra Photometric X Version 2.014
Light Source : Xenon Lamp
Range 0 to 999
Selectable Resolution 1, 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001
Calibration with 1 or 2 known standards
Direct factor entry
10 method memory
Any range between 190 and 900nm
Selectable Scan Wavelength Interval 0.1 to 50nm
Live absorbance plot during scanning
Plot browser to read absorbance values at each wavelength
Analyzer to find out absorbance and wavelength of peaks and valleys
Input Voltage : 230V 50Hz
Holmarc HO-SP-3480 is an entry level spectrophotometer suitable for education, research and industrial applications. It uses 1200 lines/mm blazed holographic grating as the dispersion element...
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For Custom Glass Cuvettes
Please Specify the
Optical path
Dimensions (mm)
Volume (ml)
Beam width (mm)
Custom Glass Cuvettes
We can manufacture quartz cells and cuvettes of custom specifications for spectrometer, spectrophotometer, colorimeter, and other instruments.
Cuvette holder
The cuvette holder unit is manufactured for various cuvette sizes and applications. Some cuvette holders are equipped with SMA fibre connectors and collimators.
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