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Model No: HO-ASP-500

Holmarc manufactures high quality automatic polarimeters for industry and research with robust performance and efficiency. Symmetric angular oscillation optical null technique by Faraday Modulation is implemented in our polarimeters to achieve high resolution and repeatability.

In HO-ASP-500 a halogen lamp with high spectral resolution monochromator is incorporated as light source. The measurements can be performed over wide range of analytical wavelengths from VIS to NIR by using Tungsten halogen lamp. Also the wavelength accuracy is better compared to the normal interference filters.

Our high quality optical system improves the light collection and flexibility of the system. All adjustments on the device are made via an easy to use touch screen. The sample parameters can be customized for different applications.

Holmarc offers full line of accessories for Polarimeter. Temperature control and temperature compensation can be incorporated to eliminate the variation of results with temperature. Wide range of polarimeter sample cells are available. Center cup tubes and continuous flow through cells can also be supplied for custom applications.

  Light source : Tungsten Halogen Lamp
  Detector : PMT
  Monochromator : Czerny-Turner
  Grating : Blazed Holographic
  Wavelength range : VIS-NIR
  Measuring range : ± 180° (Switchable)
  Resolution : 0.001 Deg.
  Repeatability : ± 0.03 Deg.
  Accuracy : ±0.03 Deg.
  Sugar Scale Range : ± 259°Z
  Resolution : ± 0.1°Z
  Repeatability : ± 0.1°Z
  Accuracy : ± 0.1°Z
  Measuring modes : Optical Rotation, Specific rotation,
Concentration, Optical Purity & Sugar Scale.
  Sample chamber : Accepts sample cells up to 200mm Length
  Temperature range : 20 - 100 Deg Celsius (optional)
  Temperature accuracy : +/- 0.5% at 100 Deg Celsius
  Principle : Symmetric angular oscillation optical null principle.
  User interface : 5.7 inch TFT color display with
touch screen and PC Software
Digital Polarimeter
Holmarc manufactures automatic digital polarimeters for industry and research with robust performance and efficiency. Symmetric angular oscillation optical null technique by ...
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