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12 mm Post System
16 mm Post System
Post Bases
Post Clamps
Slotted Plates
Opto Mechanical Kit
Pedestal System
Heavy Duty Post System
Tools & Accessories
Thread Adapters
Set Screws
Thumb Screws
SHC Screws
All in One Screw kit
C & V Type clamps
Kinematic Mirror Mounts
Gimbal Mirror Mounts
Cube / Prism mounts
Beam Steering Device
Lens Tube Assembly System
Rod Assembly
Lens Mounts
Filter Mounts
Polarizer Mount
Laser Mounts
Fiber Positioners
Linear Translation Stages
Precision Translation Stage
Vertical Translation Stages
Multi Axis Translation Stages
XY Moving Platform
Rotation Stage
Rotation Stage Continuous Rotation
Tools and Accessories Print
Holmarc provides tools for using many of its devices conveniently. These include proprietary as well as standard tools.
Thread Adapters
Set screws
Thumb screws
SHC screws
All in One Screw kit
C & V Type clamps
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