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Vertical movement is obtained by activating a spring-loaded cam by micrometer head. Rolling contact guide ways using crossed rollers are employed for friction and stick-slip free translation. These guide ways are factory preloaded to eliminate play and wobble. There are tapped holes at the top and clearance slots at the base for mounting purpose.The stage is constructed of aluminium alloy and finished by black anodizing or in stainless steel with ground finish.

Holmarc manufactures vertical stages in three models for 25 mm, 10 mm and 5 mm travel.

    Straight Line Accuracy : ± 10 μm
    Positioning Accuracy : 50 Micrometer
    Guide way : Precision Ball Slide
    Drive : Precision lead screw / micrometer
    Construction : Aluminium alloy B51S
    Finish : Black anodized (aluminium)
    Mounting Holes : M4 / M6 Tapped holes on carriage
  : M4 / M6 CBR hole for mounting the stage to base plate or breadboard
    Mounting Options : Post mountable by using m6 thread (VTS 5 only)
     : Directly mount to breadboard by using M6 screws
     : Breadboard mounting by using base plate
    Design : Modular Type Design for Multi Axis Configurations
Model No: Micrometer
LC : 0.01 mm
Model No: Digital
Micrometer LC : 0.001mm
Travel Load Capacity Platform size
VTS-5-Mu10 - 5 2 Kg 50 x 50
VTS-10-Mu10 VTS-10-Dmu 10 5 Kg 65 x 65
VTS-10-90-Mu10 VTS-10-90-Dmu 10 5 Kg 90 x 90
VTS-25-Mu10 VTS-25-Dmu 25 6 Kg 65 x 65
VTS-25-90-Mu10 VTS-25-90-Dmu 25 6 Kg 90 x 90

Vertical Translation Stage – VTS25 112.00$
Model No. VTS-25-Mu10

Vertical Translation Stage – VTS5 – CS 53.00$
Model No. VTS-5-CS
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