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2D Transfer System

with Trinocular Microscope

Model No: HO-2DTS- TM-01

1.   Trinocular Microscope with Z focusing stage (1 set)

    Optical system     Infinity corrected
    Observation Method     bright field
    Illumination     Reflected (Co-axial and Angled)
    Illumination system     High bright white LEDs, Intensity adjustable
    Nosepiece     Manual, revolving, quadruple with positive precision click stops
    Viewing head     Siedentopf Trinocular head, 30 degree, 48-75mm IP adjustment
    Eyepiece     10X Wide field eyepiece, FN = 20mm, dioptre adjustable
    Focusing     Manual
    Microscope objective     Long working distance Plan Apochromatic
    Magnification     5 X
    Numerical Aperture     0.15
    Working distance     35 mm
    RMS objective adapter     2 Nos
    1. LWD Plan Apo 10X microscope objective
    NA :     0.30
    Working distance :     34 mm
    FOV eyepiece :     2 mm
    FOV camera :     0.57 mm x 0.428 mm
    2. LWD Plan Apo 20X microscope objective
    NA :     0.35
    Working distance :     29 mm
    FOV eyepiece :     1 mm
    FOV camera :     0.285 mm x 0.214 mm
    3. LWD Plan Apo 50X microscope objective
    NA :     0.50
    Working distance :     17 mm
    FOV eyepiece :     0.4 mm
    FOV camera :     0.114 mm x 0.0856 mm
Camera Specifications

    Optical format     1/2.5” CMOS
    Active imager size     5.70 mm x 4.28 mm
    Active pixels     2592 x 1944 (5Mp)
    Pixel size     2.2 x 2.2 um
    Shutter type     Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)
    Frame rate     Full resolution - 7 fps, 640 * 480 (BIN) - 26.7 fps
    Spectral response     380 - 650 nm
    Exposure time     0.072 ms - 3000 ms
    Image format     RAW, BMP, JPG, PNG
    Operating temperature     -30ºC to +70ºC
    Sensitivity     1.76V / lux - sec (550 nm)
    Power consumption     381 mW at 15 fps full resolution
    Interface     USB 2.0
    Lens mount     C - mount
    Dimension     44 x 44 x 39 mm
2.   XYZ theta sample stage with Heater & Vacuum chuck
    XYZ stage
    Mounting hole     M6 tapped holes
    XY Travel     25 mm
    Z Travel     5 mm
    Straight line accuracy     +/- 3.5 um
    X axis resolution     1 um (Digital Micrometer)
    Y axis resolution     5 um
    Z axis resolution     10 micron
    Guide way     Precision V grooved guide way
    X axis drive     Digital Micrometer
    Y axis drive     Micrometer
    Z axis drive     Micrometer
    Construction     Aluminium alloy
    Finish     Black anodized
    Rotation stage
    Top plate diameter     75 mm
    Readout     0.1 degree
    Construction     Aluminium alloy
    Finish     Black anodized
    Tapped holes on the top plate     M6
    Mounting holes on the base     M6 CBR
    Design     Modular
    Coarse travel     360 degree
    Fine travel     +/- 4 degree
    Drive     Micrometer
    Vacuum chuck and Heater with temperature controller
    Sample plate diameter     40 mm
    Temperature range     RT - 200º C
    Temperature increment     1ºC
    PID Controller
    Vacuum provision to hold the samples
    Vacuum Pump
3.   XYZ Stamping stage with tilting platform (1set)
    Top plate size     90 x 90 mm
    X axis travel     25 mm
    Y & Z axes travel     10 mm
    Tapped holes on the top plate     M6
    Y axis resolution     1 um (Digital Micrometer)
    X & Z axes resolution     5 um
    Guide way     Precision V grooved
    Y axis drive     Digital Micrometer
    X & Z axes drive     Micrometer
    Construction     Aluminium alloy
    Finish     Black anodized

4.   Glass / Sample Holder
5.   Image grabbing & Analysing software

6.   Base plate with levelling foot
    Material :     Magnetic SS (SS410)
    M6 Tapped holes at 25mm x 25mm grid

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