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4 Tesla Electromagnet - Magnet Lab
Model : HO-EM7000S
PC controlled Programmable Operation
Water Cooled Coils for excellent field stability

EM7000S is a HOLMARC New Magnet LAB range high magnetic field PC controlled Dipole Electromagnet that can provide fields above 3.5 Tesla @ 5 mm field gap. Designed to meet industrial, educational, and research needs of very high, uniform field strengths in a wide range of air gaps. The HOLMARC Magnet LAB range dipole electromagnet systems are intended to work based on automated PC controlled operations.

The EM7000S comes with a standard set of 125mm diameter poles that tapered into a 25mm. optimize maximum field but several pole options are available. HOLMARC can also design custom poles that achieve a specific performance. Poles are interchangeable and are available with an axial access bore.

Models HO-EM3000S HO-EM5000S HO-EM7000S
Price $ 7084.00 9417.00 14750.00

    Magnetic Field     3.3 T @ 5 mm pole gap
    Electromagnet Height     650 mm
    Electromagnet Depth     610 mm
    Electromagnet Width     420 mm
    Electromagnet Frame size     610 mm x 420 mm x 650 mm
    Pole Piece Diameter     125 mm
    Pole Gap Adjustments     50 mm Independently Variable Poles
    Spool Diameter     430 mm
    Frame Material     Cast Iron Profile
    Optical Height     325 mm
    Total Weight including Frame     325 kg
    Frame Wheel     Yes
    Frame     The frame will be compatible for use along with a rotationbase. The frame will be attachable (or detachable) with suitable screws on a rotation base.
    Pole Pieces     2 Nos., easily removable / replaceable Pole pieces
      One Flat pole piece with 120 mm Tapered pole piece
    Coil Separation (Coil Gap)     160 mm
    Airgap (Pole gap)     Continuously adjustable from 0 to 100 mm or higher
    Yoke Construction     Single-yoke electromagnet
    Yoke Material     Soft Iron high permeability alloy
    Mounting     Mounted on a Metal Profile stand
    Cooling     Water-cooled for continuous operation for more than 4 hours
    Maximum Magnetic Field Intensity     5000 Gauss for an air gap (Pole gap) of 55 mm with a flat pole
    Uniformity     Magnetic Field will be uniform over 5 cm3
    Stability of magnetic field     < 0.005 %

        PC controlled programmable operation
        Water Cooled Coils for excellent field stability
        Fully Adjustable Pole Gap
        Easily removable / replaceable Pole pieces
        Flat, Faraday, & Custom Pole Pieces option
        On-Axis Bores in Magnet Pole Piece for Beam / Target Experiments
        Mount Kits for Magnetometer Probes and Other Probes

        Hall Effect Measurements
        Magneto-Optical Rotation Measurements
        Magnetic Separation experiments
        Magnetic alignment of Small Components
        Chemical Reaction Rate Studies

Please go through the following PC-controlled electromagnet models Magnetic field  vs  Gap for your reference.

  HO-EM3000S HO-EM5000S HO-EM7000S
POLE GAP (mm) Magnetic Field (Gauss) Magnetic Field (Gauss) Magnetic Field (Gauss)
5 21233 25100 33700
10 10900 16961 28600
15 7380 11482 24020
20 5596 8706 20700
25 4515 7024 17660
30 3788 5894 15300
35 3266 5082 13360
40 2873 4469 11800
45 2565 3990 10320
50 2318 3606 9260
55 2115 3290 8420
Additional accessories required for the electromagnets

    8 mm hollow Pole piece

    XYZ manual / motorized translation stage

    Electromagnet Wheels

    Probe holder

    Electromagnet rotary table (Manual / Motorized)

    45 degree bracket for electromagnet (Cryostat positioning)

    4 probe measurement unit

    XYZ sample stage

    Theta sample stage

    Cuvette holder

    Thin Film sample holder

    Motorized pole piece adjuster

#    Accessories sold separately

    Bipolar power supply
    Power supply design     Quad system constant current power supply
    Input requirement     220 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase
    Output     Constant current Bipolar with continuous variation through zero
    Output voltage     70V Max.
    Output current     4 Amps Continuously Variable
    Resolution     0.1 Amps
    Stability     0.005 % up to ≥ 8 hrs
    Over temperature protection     Coil-over temperature protection
    Power failure protection     Sudden power failure protection
    Protection     MCB and fuses in the input
    Remote Monitoring     USB port will be available for remote monitoring
    External programming     The power supply will be able to be controlled and monitored via USB interface. Output Polarity and current value will be controllable remotely via external programming.
    Software and interface     LabVIEW driver or software will be provided for computer control.
    Cables and Accessories     All necessary power and interface cables and accessories
    Power supply size     550 mm x 550 mm x 1210 mm
    Weight     125 kg

    Rotating base
    Rotating Base     A detachable rotating base with mounting screws to mount the heavy electromagnet
    Rotation     360 - degree rotation
    Resolution     0.1 degree
    Control     Both manual and stepper motor controlled rotation
    Stepper motor controller     A stepper motor controller will be provided for computer control of the rotation stage
    Ports for remote control     USB port will be available for remote control and monitoring
    Software and interface     LabView drivers and PC software
    Cables and Accessories     Power and interface cables

    Hall probe / monitor
    Input requirement     220 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase
    Magnetic Field Range     Up to 4 Tesla
    Resolution     1.0 gauss
    Display     6 digits LED
    Size     Portable
    Hall probe     Transverse probe rectangular with fixtures
    Ports for remote control     USB port
    Software and interface     LabView drivers and PC software

    Water cooling (Chiller)
    Input requirement     220 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase
    Water tubing and fitting     Standard 6mm Tube
    Water circulation     Motor Pump based
    Water flow rate     7.6 L / min or higher
    Water inlet temperature     10°C to 15°C

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