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CCD Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer

Spectra Analyte Plus

Model: HO-SP-SCCD2080FC
Uses Dual Spectrum
Continuous and stable operation

HOLMARC has developed cost-effective high-performance fiber optic coupled UV/VIS CCD spectrophotometer instrument that allows analysts to collect a full wavelength spectrum absorbance, transmittance or intensity in less than one second. Standard interface to the spectrophotometer is USB 2.0 compatible with 16-bit extended dynamic range. Spectra Analyte Windows-based spectral acquisition and analysis software is supplied along with the instrument.

The device use high-quality optics and single-piece aluminum optical bench. This design allows continuous stable operation of the instrument. It uses dual spectrum of deuterium and halogen lamp as light source. Emerging light goes through a high-quality diffraction grating, then the diffracted light is collected and sorted by the CCD array detector.

The standard sensor arrays used in the spectrometer is Toshiba TCD1304DG B/W board-level line CCD camera, based on a single-line, 3648-pixel CCD chip. The array driver electronics designed and developed by Holmarc ensures sensitive and stable operation. UV spectrophotometer models use windowless CCD to increase the UV sensitivity down to 200nm. It helps the signal sensitivity below 380nm to get improved (~20 - 50% more) in general.

Spectra Analyte UV-VIS spectrophotometer can also be used as fluorometer or in combination with spectrophotometer. Fluorometer is a device used to measure parameters of fluorescence : its intensity and wavelength distribution of emission spectrum after excitation by certain spectrum of light. It can quantitatively measure the fluorescence spectra of many compounds such as chlorophyll, fluorescein, GFP, and more.

Model HO-CT216-UV HO-CT216-4065 HO-CT216-2010 HO-CT216-3010
Price ($) 4,497.00 4,330.00 4,497.00 4,497.00
Wavelength Range 200 ~ 400 nm 400 ~ 700 nm 200 ~ 1000 nm 320 ~ 1,050 nm
Resolution* 0.25 nm 0.29 nm 1 nm 0.9 nm
Optical Platform Czerny-Turner / Concave
Effective Spectral Range 200 to 1050 nm
Input Fiber Connector SMA 905
Input Fiber NA 0.22
Stray Light < 0.06 % @ 532 nm (< 0.1% overall)
Detector Toshiba TCD1304AP Linear CCD Array
Pixel Number 3648
Pixel Size 8 x 200 μm
Pixel Well Depth 100,000 electron
Signal-to-noise Ratio 1,000:1 (at full scale)-
A / D Resolution 16 bit
Integration Time 0.1 to 6,500 ms
Frame Rate up to 138 fps
Trigger Input Optional
PC interface USB 2.0
Software Spectra Analyte
Includes DLL libraries and SDKs for easy custom application development

    Measure absorbance, transmittance, fluorescence etc.

    Perform equilibrium studies of absorbance vs. time or absorbance vs. concentration.

    Perform colorimetric measurements.

    Measure emissions of gas discharge tubes, flame tests or other light sources.

Accessories for Fiber optic coupled Spectra Analyte Plus
Fiber Optic Dip Probe

NV16 spectrophotometer fiber optic model extend their capabilities to the use of dip probes for facilitating analysis while lending themselves to real-time monitoring of kinetic reactions.

The probe body material is built entirely of 316 stainless steel construction and lined with a quartz or glass. Fiber optic cable lengths can also be configured to meet customer needs.

Flow Through Cells

Our Fiber optic flow through cells are ideal for demanding applications including process control, chromatography and when monitoring reactions in remote locations. The flow through cell is built entirely of 316 stainless steel construction and lined with a quartz or glass, the flow through cell is virtually maintenance free.

Small size and variable length fiber optic cables allow the flow through cell to be mounted just about anywhere.

Fiber Optic Reflectance Probes

Reflectance Probes are ideal for measuring the absorption characteristics of solid surfaces, powdered substrates and liquids.

Integrating Spheres for Reflectance Measurements

Fiber optic coupled integrating sphere attachments for uniform, diffused illumination and total reflectance measurements of sample.

They are suitable for solid surface analysis, color analysis and for the measurement of samples of varying gloss texture.

Cuvette holder with fiber collimator unit

Fiber optic cuvette holders are for standard 10mm path length cuvettes. They are designed to work in UV-VIS-NIR spectral range. They have two terminals and one slot for transmittance / absorptance measurements.

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