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CCD Spectrophotometer

Spectra Nano Analyte NV16
Model: HO-SP-NV16

HOLMARC continues to dominate spectrophotometric equipment with the revolutionary design of the Spectra Nano Analyte spectrophotometer. Model HO-SP-NV16 is a compact and low cost visible spectrophotometer integrated with 10mm path length cuvette holder while Model HO-SP-NV16F is fiber optic coupled spectrometer designed for photometric measurements.

These instruments can be used for measuring wavelengths from 380nm to 700nm and analyze results in full color. Nano Analyte can be directly connected to computer USB port. Only one step calibration is required for the photometric experiments. It analyzes full-wavelength spectrum within one second with CCD sensor

How Spectra Nano Analyte NV16 Works

Nano Analyte NV16 employs spectral LED to transmit light through a solution containing the sample. The transmitted light then passes through a diffraction grating and the diffracted light is sorted and collected by the CCD array detector.

Model No: Price $)
HO-SP-NV16 2,467.00
HO-SP-NV16F 2,317.00


    Determine peak wavelength to collect data on solution concentration for studies of Beer’s law or to monitor rates of reaction.

    Collect a full wavelength spectrum to measure absorbance and transmittance.

    Conduct enzyme kinetics experiments.

    Perform equilibrium studies of absorbance vs. time or absorbance vs.concentration.

Accessories for Fiber optic coupled Nano Analyte NV16
Fiber Optic Dip Probe

NV16 spectrophotometer fiber optic model extend their capabilities to the use of dip probes for facilitating analysis while lending themselves to real-time monitoring of kinetic reactions.

The probe body material is built entirely of 316 stainless steel construction and lined with a quartz or glass. Fiber optic cable lengths can also be configured to meet customer needs.

Flow Through Cells

Our Fiber optic flow through cells are ideal for demanding applications including process control, chromatography and when monitoring reactions in remote locations. The flow through cell is built entirely of 316 stainless steel construction and lined with a quartz or glass, the flow through cell is virtually maintenance free.

Small size and variable length fiber optic cables allow the flow through cell to be mounted just about anywhere.

Fiber Optic Reflectance Probes

Reflectance Probes are ideal for measuring the absorption characteristics of solid surfaces, powdered substrates and liquids.

Integrating Spheres for Reflectance Measurements

Fiber optic coupled integrating sphere attachments for uniform, diffused illumination and total reflectance measurements of sample.

They are suitable for solid surface analysis, color analysis and for the measurement of samples of varying gloss texture.

Cuvette holder with fiber collimator unit

Fiber optic cuvette holders are for standard 10mm path length cuvettes. They are designed to work in UV-VIS-NIR spectral range. They have two terminals and one slot for transmittance / absorptance measurements.

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