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IV Measurement System

for solar cell
Model: HO-SC-IV

Model: HO-SC-IV is integrated with 300W Xenon lamp with housing, optics, power supply and an easy to use software with capability to measure dark and lighted IV characteristics of solar cell. System includes a sample stage, capable of accommodating samples up to 50 mm diameter and probes to contact the sample. Light is normally incident on the sample. Illumination area can be adjusted using lens assembly system.

    Light source :     300W Xenon arc lamp
    Maximum beam / Sample diameter :     50 mm
    Voltage range :     1 to -1 V
    Resolution :     5 mV
    Current range :     0.1 uA to 0.75 A

    Measurement of dark and lighted IV characteristics of a solar cell using a four quadrant power supply

    300 W Xenon Lamp with integrated power supply

    50mm beam diameter for lighted IV measurement

    Sample holder with manual X-Y positioning arrangement to align the position of the light beam on the sample

    Sample size up to 50 mm

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