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PC based water cooled electromagnet

Model: HO-BPCCPS-02S

Holmarc's model HO-BPCCPS-02S PC based electromagnet comes with water cooling with a built-in chiller unit for continuous duty operation. It has two modes of operation - constant current mode and constant field mode. The constant current mode sets a user specified current in the coils, while the constant field mode maintains the user speicifed field strength by measuring the same with a hall probe and adjusting the coil current continuously in closed loop. The In As hall probe comes with a post and post holder making it easy to position at the desired position between or near the poles.

The pole gap can be adjusted up to 50 mm manually and the field strength can be calibrated against different pole gaps. The coil temperature is continuously measured to detect over heating. The unit is connected to PC through a serial port or a USB port. The easy to use Windows software facilitates flexible operation. The field strength and the coil current can be controlled through the software.

        Magnetic field strength :     -1.6T   to   +1.6T   (At 10 mm pole gap)
        Coil current :     -3.5A   to   +3.5A
        Operating mode :     Constant field & Constand current modes
        Transducer :     Hall probe - In As
        Field measurement resolution :     1 mT
        Accuracy :     +/- 0.5 %
        Hall probe height :     100mm to 150mm adjustable
        Hall probe mount :     Post and post holder made of anodized Aluminium alloy
        Current display :     3 ½ digit, 7 segment LED
        Current display resolution :     0.01 A
        PC interface :     USB or RS232
        Software displayed parameters :     Field strength & current
        Pole gap :     0 to 50mm adjustable
        Cooling :     Water cooled with built-in chiller unit
        Coil temperature sensor :     PT100
        Coil temperature display :     7 segment LED with over temperature cut-off
        Input power :     230V, 50Hz
        Constant magnetic field operation
        Built-in Gauss meter with hall sensor
        Gauss Probe Holder with Mount
        PC interface with USB connectivity
        Software control & display of magnetic field strength
        Adjustable pole gap
        Calibration feature for field strength according to pole gap
        Water cooled electromagnet
        Chiller unit included
        Coil temperature display to decide whether the chiller needs to be turned on

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