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USB 2.0 Spectra CD 214 Spectrometer

Model: Spectra CD 214VIS / NIR
CCD Imaging System
Cost effective & User friendly

Spectra CD214 is a CCD based prism spectrometer. It is identical to a grating instrument except that the dispersion element used is pellin broca prism. The prism has constant efficiency over its range of transmittance. Filter is not required for measurement. In many cases, it is the ideal choice for absorption and emission spectra measurement and characterization.

CD214 Series spectrometers are available from Holmarc in various resolution and wavelength range for multitudes of spectroscopic applications. Various accessories include directly attachable light sources and sample holders. Sample holder for 10mm cuvettes connects to the entrance slit of the spectrometer. The optional dual entrance and exit ports allow the user to set up two or more experiments simultaneously. The spectrometer is flexible in design so that it can be easily customized to suit specific applications.

The Spectra Prism Spectrometer is a low-cost, lab spectrometer that is ideal for general purpose laboratory and research spectroscopic applications. The use of linear CCD array with P.B prism makes it more convenient and user friendly compared to other spectroscopes. It is more reliable and cost effective compared to grating spectrometers.

Our CD214 Series Prism Spectrometer’s wavelength range is from 400nm to 700nm and utilizes a detector with 3648 active pixels; that is 3648 data points in one full spectrum. The spectrometer is configured with a micrometer controlled entrance slit which opens from 0-3 mm in width by micrometer adjustment. Optical resolution is approximately 0.15 nm.

        Optical Platform :     Constant Deviation
        Spectrometer Prism :     Pellin Broca
        Spectral Resolution :     0.1 nm
        Accuracy :     0.5 nm
        Slit Options :     Micrometer Controlled Variable Slit ( 0 - 3 mm )
        Stray Light :     < 0.06 % @ 532 nm ( < 0.1 % overall )
        Detector :     Toshiba Linear CCD Array
        Total Pixel Number :     3648
        Pixel Size :     8 x 200 µm
        Pixel Well Depth :     100,000 electron
        Signal-to-Noise Ratio :     1,000 : 1 (at full scale)
        A/D Resolution :     16 bit
        Exposure Time :     1.0 to 6,500 ms
        Frame Rate :     Upto 138 fps
        Trigger Input :     Yes (Optional)
        PC Interface :     USB 2.0
        Software :     Spectra QSR V2.26
        Options for single and continuous acquisition
        Performs Emission, Absorbance & Transmission / Reflection Measurements
        Performs real time measurements
        Save live to file
        User defined exposure time control
        Averaging of spectra
        Options for loading saved dark & reference data automatically when starting the application
        See list of recent measurements in 'Captured List' pane
        Grid & Playback mode
        Easily overlay captured spectrum for easy comparison
        Spectroscope View of captured spectrum simulating visual appearance through spectroscope
        Displays spectroscope lines on plot
        Batch collection of data, either continuous, external triggered or scheduled
        Flexible & intuitive display adjustments, plus cursor and peak-finding
        Peak analysis options
        Advanced smoothing algorithms
        Automated spectra scaling and peak labeling
        Fast scaling, zooming, scrolling, panning, re scaling with mouse
        Changing of legend captions
        Lock axis range to custom values
        Easy to Switch x axis Pixels Wavelengths
        Status bar at graph window displays current mouse position => fast reading of data points
        Displays saturation status of current frame. ‘Normal’ or ‘Over Saturated’
        Easy to flip x axis
        Toggle Y axis between linear and logarithmic scaling with Ctrl + L
        Displays statistical values of the acquired spectral intensities
        Options for user wavelength calibration [Polynomial Regression & Hartman regression]
        Two User Levels : Administrator, User
        Exports single and multi spectral files to Excel / CSV and HSV
        Plot export as: Bitmap Image (.bmp) | JPG Image (.jpg) | Gif Image (.gif) | JPEG Image (.jpeg) | Png Image (.png) | Tiff Image (.tiff) | Wmf Image (.wmf)
        Print plot directly
        Copy Function to Clipboard
        Saves previous settings

Fig. Optical Layout of Spectra CD Spectrometer.

Model No: Dispersion Element Wavelength Range Detector Resolution Price ($)
Spectra CD 214VIS PB N-SF1 400 - 700 nm Line CCD 3648 pixels 0.15 nm 2,534.00
Spectra CD 214NIR PB N-SF1 650 - 950 nm Line CCD 3648 pixels 0.26 nm 2,467.00

For the spectra prism spectrometers, directly attachable light source and sample holders are available as accessories (sold separately). The most common light source is quartz halogen lamp. Sample holder we stock generally is for 10mm cuvetts which connects to the front side of the spectrometer. Software has capabilities for capturing single or continuous spectra, custom wavelength calibration, dark subtraction and intensity comparison, simultaneous display of overlay multiple spectra, exporting dat to microsoft® excel etc. The software has facilities for spectrum saving in programmed intervals.

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