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UV-VIS-NIR Scanning Spectrometer

Fiber Coupled
Model: HO-SP-S100SA    HO-SP-S100MA
Designed for general spectroscopic application
Designed for Low light spectroscopic application

Scanning spectrometer is specially designed and developed for industrial and academic research laboratories in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science and engineering. This device works in the wavelength range of 190 to 1100nm. Scanning spectrometer can rapidly scan a range of wavelengths and record light intensity at each wavelength.

Input and output ports of the spectrometer are fitted with precise micrometer controlled variable slits. A plane holographic grating is used to diffract the input light that is subsequently focused by a second concave mirror. The holographic gratings used in the instrument minimizes stray light for high sensitivity and accuracy. A stepper-motor controlled sine drive positions the grating, which is mounted on a precision rotary table. The sine drive delivers a linear relationship between stepper motor motion and wavelength of interest. It includes a mechanism to change the wavelength selected by the software and to record the resulting changes in the measured quantity as a function of the wavelength.

The software developed for the instrument has facilities for setting up and calibration in addition to scanning and manual readout. Scanning is possible for a desired wavelength range too. This feature saves time whenever full wavelength range scan is not necessary. The software stores and displays the data acquired on MS Excel sheet. This helps to plot graph with ease whenever required.

Heavy duty aluminium construction is used for stability with respect to vibration and thermal effects. Multiple accessory options allow the user to configure the system for custom applications. The basic system and accessories are designed in modular fashion. More and more accessories can be added as the applications expand.

        Optical path configuration :     Czerny-Turner type
        Dispersion element :     Holographic grating
        Grating density :     1200 grooves / mm
        Relative diffraction efficiency :     45 - 65% (Visible)
        Scanning Wavelength Range :     190 - 1100nm
        Wavelength range (Detector) :     350 - 1100nm for HO-SP-S100SA
        185 - 900nm for HO-SP-S100MA
        Resolution :     0.1 nm
        Wavelength Repeatability :     ± 0.5 nm
        Slit width :     0 - 4 mm (Micrometer Controlled)
        Detector :     Si photodiode or PMT
        Interface :     USB 2.0 or RS-232
        Data formats :     Spreadsheet
        Fiber Coupled Input Slit
        High resolution spectral analysis
        High wavelength accuracy
        190 - 1100nm spectral range in a single scan
        Optional photomultiplier and silicon photo diode detector
        Adjustable Input and output slit to control the spectral resolution
        Adjustable wavelength steps
        RS-232 and USB to serial port extension module
        Optional optical port with optical output and detector input ports
        HO-SP-S100SA :     $ 3,134.00
        HO-SP-S100MA :     $ 7,500.00

There are two types of single channel detectors for using with scanning spectrometers, photomultiplier tube (Model : HO-SP-S100MA) and silicon photo diode (Model : HO-SP-S100SA). For general emission and absorption experiments, scanning spectrometer with silicon photo diode is suitable. It can be used for spectroscopic study of LED and other optical filters. PMT detectors typically offer much high sensitivity to low light levels than silicon photo diode and are suitable for Raman spectrum, fluorescence, bioluminescence and chemiluminescence.

Dual exit port configured model is also available. It enables simultaneous use of more than one detector. It helps to work with different wavelength regions. The software allows data retrieval from each detector independently. This can be completely automated and PC-controlled.

Fiber Optic Collimators

Multi elemental aberrations corrected design

    Fiber optic collimator

    Laser to fiber coupling

    Slit to fiber coupling

    Fiber to detector coupling

Fixed collimators for custom beam sizes can be manufactured at holmarc. Please contact our engineers at for your special requirements.

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