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Active Vibration Isolation System

AVI203S & AVI204S

AVI Series
Vertical & horizontal vibration isolation
High-load capacity with excellent stability

HOLMARC’S Active Vibration Isolation optical table supports contain an isolation system that effectively isolates the optical table from vertical and horizontal vibrations throughout the critical 3 to 50 Hz frequency range, since most common large-amplitude sources of vibrations found in laboratories vibrate within this range of frequencies. If the source of compressed air is removed, the Optical Tabletop will lower until it securely rests on the supports and the table will no longer be isolated from floor vibrations.

Our AVI Series active optical table supports can be used to significantly reduce the vibrations transmitted to an optical table setup in a noisy environment.

    Vertical Resonant Frequency :     1.25 Hz
    Horizontal Resonant Frequency :     1.0 Hz
    Vertical Transmissibility at Resonance :     10 dB
    Horizontal Transmissibility at Resonance :     12 dB
    Vertical Transmissibility at 5Hz :     -20 dB (90%)
    Horizontal Transmissibility at 5Hz :     -24 dB (94%)
    Vertical Transmissibility at 10Hz :     -32.5 dB (97.5%)
    Horizontal Transmissibility at 10Hz :     -30 dB (97%)
    Maximum Load Capacity (set of four) :     600 - 800 kg
    Height Adjustment Range :     -10 mm, +5 mm
    Self Leveling Repeatability :     ± 0.5 mm
    Height :     700 mm
    Air Pressure (Maximum) :     80 psi
    Finish :     Black Paint
* The specification data above was measured under a 600 kg load (24% of maximum)

    Accessories       Accessory Order Code
    Overhead Table Shelf :     OTS
    Faraday Cages :     FCU
    Transparent Enclosure :     TEU
    Semi Transparent Enclosure :     SEU
    Opaque Full body Enclosure :     OEU
    Central Rack :     CRS
    Bottom Rack :     BRS
    Arm Rest & Support Rails :     ARS
    Accessories code can be added along with the rigid tabletop support model number under bracket for ordering. Eg. RTS 120-120 (OTS, ARS, BRS, SEU)


    Featured vibration isolator technology

    Superior vibration control

    Maintenance free operation

    Specially designed for Interferometry and other high vibration sensitive experiments

Model No: Suitable for Tabletop Model
AVI203S-4 Tables up to TT 120-240
Includes four numbers of AVI203S along with compressor and accessories for interconnection.
AVI203S-6 Tables above TT 120-240
Includes six numbers of AVI203S along with compressor and accessories for interconnection.
Vibration Isolation Legs

Vibration Isolated Legs offer the best performance for isolating optical tables. The AVI 204S has a load range of 25 - 200kg per leg and 60 - 600kg per leg for AVI203S.

For standard loads, normally four legs are preferred. For instance heavy loads use our AVI203S. Standard legs are 300mm diameter and 700mm high. Any height is available. Specify desired height when ordering. These legs are designed for maximum performance, yet are easy to setup and maintain. HOLMARC AVIS legs are an ideal cost effective solution.

Our vibration isolation legs include an air isolator in each leg. The entire leg is coated in a black finish (Custom colors available).

Common Vibration Sources

Types Frequency (Hz) Amplitude (inches)
Air Compressors 4 - 20 10-2
Handling Equipment 5 - 40 10-3
Pumps 5 - 25 10-3
Building Services 7 - 40 10-4
Foot Traffic 0.5 - 6 10-5
Elevators Up to 40 10-3 to 10-5
Building Motion 46 / Height in meters 10--1
Building Pressure Waves 1 - 5 10-5
Railroad * 5 - 20 +/- 0.15g
Highway Traffic * 5 - 100 +/- 0.001g
* Amplitude is reported in dB using the acceleration due to gravity as the reference acceleration.

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