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Theta 2 Theta Advanced

SPA216 Series
Optical Characterization
Precise measurement of spectral parameters

Reliable measurement techniques for optical characterization of thin film is a must for any laboratory. HOLMARC’s Theta 2 Theta Spectrophotometer is a useful tool for characterizing absorption, transmission, and reflectivity of a variety of materials such as pigments, coatings, windows, and filters. Automated Theta 2 Theta goniometer tool is used for measuring absolute reflectance and transmittance of samples at different angles for characterization of the optical or electronic properties of materials. Reflectance measurements can identify the color of a sample or examine differences between objects for sorting or quality control.

SPA216 Series spectrophotometer gives precise measurements of spectral parameters such as reflection, transmission, and optical density in all spectral range of UV, VIS and NIR. Spectral transmission and reflection measurements at any desired angle with a resolution of 0.5° can be carried out with this spectrophotometer. Two models are available for angular photometric measurements HO-SPA-1990P & HO-SPA-3411D. HO-SPA-1990P is a scientific grade photometer equipped with high sensitive photo multiplier tube. Model : HO-SPA-3411D uses Si-Photodiode as detector. Angles for illumination and measurement can be set independently. The system is provided with motorized polarizer and analyzer to generate polarization curve of the sample at various angles.

The software developed for this instrument has facilities for setting up and calibration in addition to scanning and manual readout. Scanning is possible for a desired wavelength range too. This feature can save time whenever full wavelength range scan is not necessary. The software stores and displays the data acquired on MS Excel sheet. This helps to plot graph with ease whenever required.

We hold expertise in designing and manufacturing custom models. Wide variety of accessories (optional) such as test tube holder, long path cuvettes holder and multiple cell holder can be included depending upon the varying application needs of the customer.

    Model HO-SPA-3411D HO-SPA-1990P
    Price ($) 7,968.00 12,500.00
    Bandwidth 1 nm 0.5 nm
    Optical system C-T monochromator, 1200 l/mm holographic grating
    Wavelength range 340 ~1100 nm 190 ~ 900 nm
    Photometric method Transmittance, Absorbance, Concentration
    Wavelength accuracy ± 0.5 nm
    Wavelength repeatability ± 1 nm
    Absorbance range - 2 ~ 2Abs
    Photometric accuracy ± 0.002 A (0 ~ 0.5 A), ± 0.004 A (0.5 ~ 1A), ± 0.3% T
    Photometric repeatability ≤ 0.001 A (0 ~ 0.5 A), ≤ 0.002 A (0.5 ~ 1 A), ± 0.1% T
    Stray light ≤ 0.05% T
    Baseline straightness ± 0.002 A
    Detector Si - Photodiode PMT
    Light source Quartz Halogen Lamp Deuterium / Halogen
    Cell holder Two-position 10mm standard cuvette holder
    Theta 2 Theta measurements Goniometer for Angular Measurements
Type : Theta 2 Theta Measuring Stage
Sample Holder : Up to 50 x 50mm size, Custom Size Available
Angular Measurement Range : 30° - 180°
Positioning Resolution : 0.5°
    Control Mode PC control (Software : PhotoANALYTE-G)
    Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 606 x 352 x 135 606 x 352 x 230
System Features

    Specially designed for optical characterization

    Ideal for reflectance, transmission, absorption and optical density measurements

    Design optimized for low stray light

    Interchangeable holders for solid, liquid and thin film samples

    Wide range of accessories such as polarizers, filters etc.

Spectra Photo ANALYTE

Powerful software designed for Photometry

    Spectrum scanning

    Photometric measurements

    Quantitative determination

    Multi component analyses

    Powerful data processing abilities

    Printing report

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