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Azimuth Positioner

Holmarcs azimuth antenna positioner consists of horizontal heavy duty rotation stage driven by stepper/servo motor mounted horizontally. Antenna can be positioned at 1 meter height from the surface of the positioner using antenna mast made in wood or plastic. We provide suitable antenna mast along with the system as per customer specifications.

There are two standard models having 300 mm diameter (medium duty) and 500 mm diameter (heavy duty) mounting area. Construction material is aluminium alloy for medium duty positioner and steel for heavy duty positioner. Stepper motor or BLDC servo motor is used as actuator. Manual positioning facility is provided by a hand wheel fixed to worm shaft. Rotary graduations in degree with one degree resolution is marked on the rotating surface for visual reference.
    Travel range : 360° continuous
    Load capacity : 350 kg
    Accuracy : 0.1 Degree
    Speed : 8 Degree / sec
    Antenna mast material : Wood, Delrin etc.
    Height : 1 meter
    Antenna clamp : Jaw adjustable clamp
    Finish : Black painted
Model No:
Holmarc manufactures positioning systems for far field and near field measurements for microwave antennas in following three models :
1. Azimuth Antenna Positioner
2. Theta X and Theta Z (two axis) positioner
3. Four axis robotic positioner

For all these three models, we provide motion control hardware and software. Our engineering services are available for integrating the system with data acquisition hardware as well.

In this model, two rotary positioners are arranged perpendicular to each other. One rotation stage is in the horizontal plane (theta X) as in the azimuth positioner and the second rotary stage is arranged in vertical plane (theta Z). Antenna holding clamp is fixed to theta Z. Both stages are driven either by stepper motor or bldc servo motor. The positioner is constructed in aluminium alloy for clean room compatibility. Rotary graduations are provided for both theta X and theta Z stages. Manual positioning is possible by a hand wheel fixed to the worm shaft.

Model : HO-APS-300R2
Travel range : Theta X - 360° /
    Theta y - ±90°
Load capacity : Upto 25 Kg
Model : HO-APS-300XYR2
Travel range : X-500mm, Theta-X : 360°
    Y-300mm, Theta-Z : 360°
Load capacity : Upto 25 Kg
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