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Auto Digital Microscope

Model No: HO-AIS-B01

HO-AIS-B01 is an automated digital microscope designed for inspection as well as failure analysis in several industrial domains. The system is equipped with a 5X microscope objective and a 3MP CMOS color camera for high-resolution image capture. A high bright intensity adjustable ring LED is included for uniform top illumination of the imaging area. LED bottom illumination is also provided for imaging transparent and semi-transparent samples. A highly precise motorized XY stage is provided for automated sample scanning and a motorized Z focusing stage with an autofocus algorithm allows the user to get the best focused image in each frame.

A completed piece of user-friendly software (AM_V02) is included with the system for the automated scanning and stitching operation. The measuring window on the software will help the user to measure different parameters on the image, such as diameter, length, angle etc.

    Optical system     Infinity corrected
    Observation method     Digital Brightfield
    Top illumination     High bright White Ring LED, Intensity adjustable via software
    Bottom illumination     High bright White LED, Intensity adjustable via software
    Microscope objective     Plan Achromatic 5X objective (manually replaceable)
    Focusing     Motorized with Autofocusing
    Software     AM_V02
    Software features     Scanning, stitching, measurements, particle counting, analysis, documentation
    Sample stage     High precision motorized XY stage, 50 x 50 mm travel
    Camera     3MP CMOS ½" Color
    Software based measurements from the captured image included
    1.    Automatic scanning and stitching
    2.    Autofocusing
    3.    Documentation
    1.    Aerospace industry   -   Cleanliness analysis of lubricating or hydraulic fluids and oils
    2.    Automotive industry   -   Cleanliness analysis of components and parts
    3.    Medical industry   -   Contamination of implants, syringes and medical instruments
    4.    Electronics industry   -   Inspection, cleanliness analysis, cross section analysis
    5.    Textile industry   -   Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fibre
    6.    Biological / health care   -   Full slide scanning (Slide scanner), stitching, documentation
    7.    Optical industries   -   Component inspection
    8.    Material analysis

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