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Auto Measuring Microscope

Dual camera
Model No: HO-AMS-DE01

HO-AMS-DE01 measuring system is equipped with a dual imaging system for fast measurements. The imaging system 1 is equipped with a low magnification lens for wide area imaging and Imaging system 2 is equipped a long working distance microscope objectives for high magnification images. A 200mm*100mm sample area can be captured with imaging system 1 in just 4 frames. The high precision motorized XY stage is fitted with linear encoders and DRO will be used to display the encoder feedback. Motorized Z focusing stage with autofocusing algorithm is provided for sample focusing. In addition to the dual camera system, a binocular observation is also provided for visual inspection of the samples.

In order to take measurements, the user simply needs to click on the desired point on the stitched image from imaging system 1, and the sample stage will move there automatically. Then the starting point can be aligned with the reference cross line on the software using the imaging system 2. The software records the co-ordinate data from DRO. Now select the next point from the stitched image, and align it with the reference cross line using imaging system 2. The distance between these two points will be displayed on the software.

    Measuring accuracy     (3 + 0.03L) µm. L is the measuring length in mm
    Reading resolution     1 µm (Linear encoder with DRO)
    Observation head     Siedentopf Trinocular head, 30-degree inclination, 45-75 IP
    Observation method     Brightfield (Dual imaging system)
    Eyepiece     10X wide field, FN 20, Dioptre adjustable
    Illuminations     1. Vertical reflected LED illumination (Epi-scopic), Intensity adjustable
      2. Angled LED illumination, Intensity adjustable
    1. LWD Plan Apo 10X microscope objective
    NA :     0.30
    Working distance :     34 mm
    FOV eyepiece :     2 mm
    FOV camera :     0.655 mm x 0.492 mm
    2. LWD Plan Apo 20X microscope objective
    NA :     0.35
    Working distance :     29 mm
    FOV eyepiece :     1 mm
    FOV camera :     0.327 mm x 0.214 mm
    3. LWD Plan Apo 50X microscope objective
    NA :     0.50
    Working distance :     17 mm
    FOV eyepiece :     0.4 mm
    FOV camera :     0.131 mm x 0.0984 mm
Imaging system 1

    Imaging lens :     16 mm prime lens
    Working distance :     160 mm
    Effective magnification :     0.082 X
    FOV camera :     80 mm * 60 mm
    Camera :     ½ ” CMOS Color 3MP
Imaging system 2

    Imaging lens :     LWD Plan Apo 5X Microscope Objective
    Working distance :     44 mm
    Effective magnification (@5X objective) :     50X @ eyepiece, 5X @ camera
    FOV eyepeice :     4 mm
    FOV camera :     1.31 mm * 0.984 mm
    Camera :     ½ ” CMOS Color 3MP
Sample stage

    Motorized XY high precision stage
    Measuring range :     200 mm x 100 mm
    Encoder resolution :     1 µm
    Display :     DRO
    Focusing :     Motorized Z stage with autofocusing
    Software :     Image analyser - Automatic scanning, stitching, positioning, measurement etc.

    1.    Semiconductors
    2.    Electrical and electronics parts
    3.    Precision automobile components
    4.    Plastic moldings
    5.    Tools
    6.    Medical devices

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