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Model No: HO-OI-AC3
Autocollimator is a versatile non-contact optical instrument for measurement of small angles or tilt movements with very high sensitivity. Holmarc manufactures precision autocollimator as a standard product with Model no. HO-OI-AC3. The instrument finds multitude of applications in shop floor as well as metrology labs for precision measurements of straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity and flatness.

High accuracy Angle measurements
Non-contact measurement
Repeatable Measurements
LED illumination

The autocollimator projects an image of a reference cross wire to the object under inspection and receive the reflected image from the object. Shift in the reflected image compared to the fixed reference crosswire represents angle. A linear stage driven by a micrometer carries the fixed cross wire near to the eyepiece of the instrument. Operator can determine shift and hence the angle by moving the fixed cross wire and aligning it with the reflected image. Graduations on the micrometer give angular measurements directly in arc seconds.

In most cases, the object under inspection may not be having reflective surfaces. In order to carry out inspection, operator needs to fix a plane mirror to the object for reflecting back the light to the instrument. Holmarc supplies a front coated mirror along with kinematic mount as a standard accessory along with autocollimator.

Holmarc's autocollimator has stainless steel body and high precision optics. Illumination is by an LED. A kinematic stage with two axes tilt movements holds the instrument on a height adjustable stand. A heavy cast iron base provides required stability for measurements.
   Resolutions : 3 arc second
   Accuracy : 1 arc second
   Measurement Axis : Dual X Y
   Sensitivity : 0.5 arc sec.
   Range : ± 45 arc minute
   Read out : Micrometer
   Reticule Illumination : LED, Green - Intensity adjustable
Standard Accessories
1 Horizontal alignment stage
2 Mirror with mount and base plate
Optional Accessories
1 Plane Parallel Mirror
2 Right Angle Prism
3 Penta Prism
4 V prism with Flat Mirror and Cross level
5 Mirror with mount and base plate
6 Tripod
7 Transparent wedge
8 Penta prism with wedge
9 45 degree mirror with mount
10 Polygon mirror with mount
11 Vertical stand with height adjustment and 3 axis freedom for alignment
A. Applications in Mechanical Engineering / Tool Room
1 Measurement of parallelism of two surfaces.
2 Measurement of perpendicularity of two surfaces
3 Parallel setting of rolls
4 Pitch and Yaw measurement of slides & translation stages.
5 Measurement of Roll-angle
6 Straightness measurement
7 Flatness measurement
8 Squareness measurement between a Vertical spindle and a Machine bed
9 Parallelism measurement of Cylindrical bore holes
10 Testing accuracy of rotary tables and index tables.
B. Applications in Optical Engineering / Optical Industry
1 Testing of parallelism with Collimator and Telescope
2 Testing of opaque wedges and plane parallel plates
3 Testing of transparent wedges - evaluation by double cross
4 Testing of transparent wedges - evaluation by reference mirror
5 Testing of transparent wedges - simultaneous determination of wedge angle and refractive index
6 Testing of transparent wedges - evaluation by angular deviation
7 Testing of the 90° angle of a 90° - glass prism
8 Testing 45° angles of 90° - glass prism
9 Relative measurement of angular error of prisms
10 Testing of camera objectives
11 Radius measurement of concave spherical surfaces
12 Radius measurement of convex spherical surfaces
13 Measurement of focal length of lenses and optical systems
14 Measurement of the back focal lengths of lenses and optical systems
15 Measurement of the centration error of spherical surfaces
16 Measurement of centration error of lenses in transmission using Collimator and Telescope
17 Measurement of centration error of lenses in transmission using Autocollimator and Mirror
18 Flatness testing of reflecting surfaces using Collimator and Telescope
19 Flatness testing of reflecting surfaces using an Autocollimator
20 Control of wedges and plane parallel plates
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