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Digital Autocollimator

DAC216 Series
With measurement speed 120 fps
Choice of laser based industries

HOLMARC DAC216 series Autocollimators are PC based instruments which are designed to operate in the lab as well as in a machine shop environment. No external controller is required. The standard interface is a single USB connection for power input and data output.

DAC216 series Autocollimators are high-precision dual axis angle measurement system that utilizes digital imaging technologies to measure the two angular positions relative to the reflective surface. Their exceptional accuracy and high resolution make them suitable for applications including the calibration of rotary tables, verification of angle standards and for remote or long term angular monitoring operations. The main applications are in calibration laboratories, optics labs, opto-elecronic laboratories and productions, laser based industries, space laboratories, etc.

The DAC216 series Autocollimator can be operated with a remote computer or as a stand-alone instrument. Stand-alone unit utilizes a compact tablet PC for displaying accurate deflection of reflective mirror. The tablet pc is also loaded with the fully featured software which provides graphical output of measurements and complete set of functions for the instrument setup, alignment and measurement in addition to other useful functions and information.

Resolution of DAC216 series autocollimator starts from 0.16 arc-seconds in both X & Y axes with a system accuracy of ±0.16 arc-seconds at close range and ±0.32 seconds in overall range. As always, all of our products can be customized to fit your specific application.

All models come with two axis tilting platform, target mirror and DAC software. Two axis tilting platform is a three point mounting system which establishes a planar reference. A leveling base provides 3 dimensional adjustment control which allows fine adjustment in azimuth and elevation in the range of ±4º and ±1º roll adjustment.


    High precision

    Real-time measurements

    User-friendly interface

    Creating data reports and transferring in other programs

    Angular Range
    Horizontal :     1505 Arc Sec
    Vertical :     1003 Arc Sec
    Angular Resolution
    Maximum :     0.275 Arc Sec
    Minimum :     0.825 Arc Sec
    Readout Rate
    Maximum :     67 Frame / Sec (Res 0.825 Arc Sec)
    Minimum :     14 Frame / Sec (Res 0.275 Arc Sec)
    Operational Range (Full Angular Range)
    Minimum :     0 m
    Maximum :     1.83 m
    Minimum measurement :     10 mm dia. mirror at 1.5 m
    Illumination Source :     Laser or LED
    Battery :     Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion
    Battery Backup for the Illumination :     16-22 Hrs
    Measurement Mode :     Fully automatic - PC based
    Interface :     USB 2.0
    Measurement Axis :     X & Y

For Faster Measurement

Mearsurement Speed 120 FPS

Faster measuring autocollimators are used for applications such as scanning the angular changes of devices or assemblies using a reflector.

    Model     DAC216-F286A     DAC216-F286B
    XY Measurement range     3470 x 2739 Arc Sec     2053 x 1540 Arc Sec
    Resolution     5.4 Arc Sec     3.2 Arc Sec
    Clear aperture     40 mm
    Illumination     Laser or LED
    Rate of Measurements     120 fps.
    Minimal reflector diameter     Ø10 mm (mirror) Ø30 mm (glass)
    Operational Range     1.5m
    Interface     USB 3.0
    Price ($) $ 2,800.00 $ 2,900.00
For high resolution measurement

Mearsurement Resolution 0.16 Arc Sec

    Model     DAC216-R900A     DAC216-R900B
    XY Measurement range     737 x 527 Arc Sec     653 x 490 Arc Sec
    Resolution     0.16 Arc Sec     0.25 Arc Sec
    Illumination     Laser or LED
    Rate of Measurements     120 fps.
    Minimal reflector diameter     Ø10 mm (mirror) Ø30 mm (glass)
    Operational Range     1.5m
    Interface     USB 3.0
    Price ($) $ 4,000.00 $ 3,500.00

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