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Automated Dispensing System

Model: HO-ADS-5H
Have pre heating facility
Operates with a user friendly software

Holmarc HO-ADS-5H Series automated Relay sealing machines are designed for accurate glue dispensing using any pneumatic syringe barrel or valve systems. The system has a preheating facility which is useful for efficient sealing when using high viscous glues. 5 axis motions handle each relay separately for heating and dispensing. The machine comes along with an easy to use software, to create different motion profiles .The software introduces simple commands like move, speed, delay, dispenser ON and dispenser OFF for the programming . Two motion profiles can be saved for a single relay. User can execute these profiles separately on use. User can save any no of profiles in the PC and 25 no’s in the machine hardware.

    Platform range :     200 x 200 mm
    Travel range Platform XY :     200 x 200 mm
    Travel range Z :     25 x 25 mm
    Travel range Relay XY :     25 x 25 mm
    XYZ Repeatability :     25 x 25 mm
    Resolution :     .03 mm (Half step mode)
    Accuracy :     .05 mm (Half step mode)
    Maximum Speed :     30 mm/sec (all axis)
    Relay Fixture Type :     Anodized alumunium
    Relay Fixture :     2 Nos
    Material Construction :     Mild Steel
    Power Supply :     110 ~ 230V 50Hz AC
    Overall Dimension :     500mm (L) x 430mm (W) x 560mm (H)
Note  :  Dispenser, Pneumatic Valve are not included in the scope of supply.

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