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Holmarc provides three types of beamspliiters; Plate Beamsplitters, Cube Beamsplitters, and Variable Beamsplitters. Plate beamspliiters and cube beamsplitters are available with 30 / 70, 50 / 50, or 70 / 30 R/T ratios, while variable beamsplitters provide continuous R/T ratio from 10 / 90 to 90 / 10. In addition to the beamsplitters, Holmarc provides beam samplers to take off a sample of light by Fresnel reflection. All the beamsplitters are coated with Anti-reflection coating to reduce the back reflection. Beamsplitters with custom split ratios and sizes can be supplied to order.

Plate Beamsplitters

Plate beamsplitters find applications in splitting or re-combining a light beam. The front surface of our beamsplitter is coated with metallic or dielectric thin film and the back surface is AR coated.

Metallic Cube Beamsplitters

Holmarc's Metallic cube beamsplitters consists of two right angle prisms cemented together. The hypotenuse of the one prism has a combination of metallic-dielectric thin film coating.

Variable Beamsplitters

Our Circular Variable Beamsplitters (Mounted ) find applications in splitting an incident beam into a transmitted and a reflected beam.

Beam Samplers

Beam Samplers are used to pick off the sample of a light beam by using the Fresnel reflection from uncoated surfaces. Beam samplers are used for monitoring applications...

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