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Broadband Light Sources

Lamp Houses for Spectral Study

Xenon Arc lamps are excellent sources of continuous light. The bright emission from short arc between the anode and cathode makes these lamps high intensity point sources, capable of being collimated with the proper lens configuration or re imaged onto a fiber bundle.

In both models xenon arc lamp housing utilizes heat conductive forced air cooling technique, to make sure efficient cooling of the lamp and electronics. Lamp housing include condensing optics to produce a 25mm collimated light beam. 50mm collimated light beam can also be provided upon request.

   150 W Xenon arc lamp Model : HO-SP-XE150
   Lamp specifications
   Quartz Type : Ozone Free
   Wavelength Range : 250 - 2500 nm
   Wattage : 150 W
   Voltage : 18 V
   Amperage : 8.5 A
   Current Range : 7 - 8 A
   Open Circuit Voltage : 60 V
   Luminous Flux : 2900
   Luminous Intensity : 290
   Average Luminance : 20000 lm
   Overall Length : 145 mm
   Lamp Length : 125 mm
   Tip to Shoulder Length : 57 mm
   Bulb Diameter : 20 mm
   Cathode / Anode Pin : M4 x 0.7
   Cathode / Anode Base : 0.39
   Arc Length : 2 mm
   Lamp Housing : Forced Air Cooled Type
   Construction : Metallic

   300 W Xenon arc lamp Model : HO-SP-XE300
   Lamp specifications
   Quartz Type : Ozone Free
   Wavelength Range : 250 - 2500 nm
   Wattage : 300 W
   Voltage : 20 V
   Amperage : 15 A
   Current Range : 13 - 16 A
   Open Circuit Voltage : 60 V
   Luminous Flux : 7000
   Luminous Intensity : 700
   Average Luminance : 27000 lm
   Overall Length : 174 mm
   Lamp Length : 150 mm
   Tip to Shoulder Length : 63.5 mm
   Bulb Diameter : 23.87 mm
   Cathode / Anode Pin : 10-32 UNC-2B
   Cathode / Anode Base : 0.50
   Arc Length : 2.54 mm
   Lamp Housing : Forced Air Cooled Type
   Construction : Metallic

Deuterium Lamp with power supply unit

Model Source
HO-SP-DL20 20 W Deuterium
HO-SP-DHL20 20 W Deuterium & 20 W Halogen Lamp Selection by flip mirror

Deuterium lamps are excellent sources of high intensity ultraviolet radiation ranging from 185nm to 400nm. Emission in visible and infrared regions are negligible. This makes deuterium lamps ideal sources for UV spectroscopy, and as UV spectral irradiance standards.

Deuterium Lamp Housing has condensing lens assembly that collects and collimates the lamp’s radiation. Output is a 25mm diameter beam.

  Lamp specifications
  Lamp : Deuterium
  Wavelength Range : 185 - 400 nm
  Powersupply : Fixed Constant Current Switch Mode Power Supply
  Lamp Housing : Forced Air Cooled Type
  Construction : Aluminum
  Collimation & Collection Optics Dia : 25 mm

Quartz Halogen Lamp with power supply unit

Quartz Halogen lamps are popular alternative to arc lamps which have better output stability without strong UV light emission. Quartz Halogen lamps are perferable for radiometric and photometric applications as well as excitation sources of visible to NIR light. The lamp housing is equipped with cooling vents that allow convection currents to bathe the lamp with cool air during operation. A metallic lining inside the lamp house assists the spherical reflector to direct the maximum possible level of luminous flux into the collector lens system to the microscope optical train.

  Lamp specifications
  Lamp : Quartz Halogen
  Wavelength Range : 340 - 2700 nm
  Power Supply : Constant Current Switch Mode Power Supply
  Supply : Fixed
  Lamp Housing : Forced Air Cooled Type
  Optical Element : Concave metallic mirror for filament refocusing
  Construction : Aluminum
  Collimation & Collection Optics Dia : 25 mm

Model Wattage
HO-SP-QHL150 150 W
HO-SP-QHL100 100 W
HO-SP-QHL50 50 W
HO-SP-QHL20 20 W
HO-SP-QHL10 10 W

Dual Gooseneck LED Illuminator - 4000 lumens

Model : HO-SP-DGL4000

Price : $ 1000.00

Dual Gooseneck LED Illuminator has two flex and stay arms. These LED light units with intensity control give maximum light output of 4000 lumens. Each arm has 2000 lumens output white LED and focus lens. The arms are 300 mm long and there is on / off and dimmer switches to provide fine control. This unit exhibits good control and even illumination. Color temperature is 6000 degree kelvin.

  Source : LED CREE XM
  Light output : 4000 Lumen Max
  Colour Temperature : 6000 degree Kelvin
  Luminosity control : Continuously Variable 0 - 2000 lm
  LED Collimation Tube Dia : 24 mm
  Flex Arm Length : 300 mm
  Finish : Black Anodized
  Power input : 230V / 50Hz

#  Please contact our engineers at for your special requirements.

LED High Bright LED Capsule

Model No: HO-HBL-Y

Y - Color - R/Y/B/G/W

  LED power : 900 Lumen
  Colour : Red, Blue, Green, White
  Luminosity control : Front panel knob
  LED capsule : Aluminium
  Finish : Anodized
  Power supply : Built-in
  Power input : 230V / 50Hz

For ease of mounting special ultra luminous intensity LED’s are housed in metallic casing. The collimating optics in front of the LED helps to get focused beam to increase its lighting efficiency. As the LED is encased in a metallic capsule, the body acts as a heat sink. Brightness is adjustable continuously. This is ideal for a variety of illumination applications where collimated light is required. Various color options are available.

Deuterium Halogen Source

Holmarc’s Deuterium Halogen source is a specially designed light source that covers 200 nm to 2500 nm wavelength range. In this compact lamp house both Deuterium and Halogen lights are combined to a single optical path using and motorized rotation mechanism. Output port provided with SMA connector for fiber coupling. High quality optical design delivers maximum light coupling to the optical fiber.

    Model No. :     HO-HDL-01
    Wavelength Range :     190 nm - 2.5 μm
    Source :     Deuterium & Tungsten Halogen
    Lamp Wattage :     20W Deuterium & 20W halogen
    Input Voltage :     230 V

This light source can be used as a UV-VIS-NIR source for different spectroscopic applications. Filter holder, shutter, cuvette / sample holder can be provided optionally.

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