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Cartesian Design Stage

SGTS Series

In Cartesian configuration, Y axis is fixed to the carriage of X axis and the Z axis is fixed to the carriage of Y axis. The stage is fixed to a suitable base structure depending on the application. As in the case of our standard motorized stages, drive motors can be stepper, BLDC or AC servo. Holmarc manufactures control electronics and software to go with these stages which can be standard as well as custom.

Customization with respect to size of the stages, traverse, load capacity, drive motor selection, ball screw pitch, speed, etc are offered by holmarc at the price of standard products. Our customers are welcome to discuss application needs with our engineers.

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Model No. X (mm) Y ( mm ) Z ( mm )
SGTS 200 200 200 50
SGTS 300 300 300 50
SGTS 400 400 400 50
SGTS 500 500 500 50

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