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Conductivity Cell

Measurement Setup

Model: HO-ED-SC-05

HOLMARC’S Model: HO-ED-SC-05 is a computerized conductivity setup to measure the conductivity of the semiconducting thin film samples by varying temperature in vacuum.

Temperature of the sample at the time of measurement can be set at a range of ambient to 150°C. The conductivity is measured at different points of temperatures, by applying a voltage range from 0 - 300 V and measuring the resulting current. A curve of current is recorded and plotted against temperature by the software. The process is carried out inside a vacuum chamber of up to 10-2 mbar vacuum pressure. Rotary vacuum pump is supplied along with the instrument.

Experiment Examples

    To measure the conductivity of semiconducting thin film samples

Semiconductors have various useful properties that can be exploited for the realization of a large number of high performance devices in fields such as electronics and optoelectronics. Many novel semiconductors, especially in the form of thin films, are continually being developed. As the film becomes thinner, the properties acquire greater importance in the miniaturization of elements such as resistors, transistors, capacitors, and solar cells.


    Temperature range    :    Ambient to 150°C

    Sample holder diameter    :    5 cm

    Drive voltage    :    0 to 300 V

    Measurement resolution    :    0.1 nA

    Measurement accuracy    :    1 nA

    PC interface    :    RS232
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