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Confocal Laser Raman Spectrometer

Model : HO-SP-CRM216

Holmarc manufactures and supplies confocal laser raman spectrometer as a fully assembled and ready to use instrument for material characterization and identification in industry as well as research labs.

Holmarc's Confocal Laser Raman Spectrometer combines an inverted microscope having high N.A objective with a computer interfaced spectrometer. Microscope performs sample irradiation and signal collection. Laser beam focused by microscope objective irradiates a small spot in the sample. The same objective collects scattered light from the sample and collimates for microscope optics to filter out Raman signals from Rayleigh scattered light and to couple with optical fiber. Spectrometer with either a cooled CCD or PMT as detector analyse signals from the fiber with the help of a computer and software interfaced with the instrument.

Holmarc supplies this Raman instrument along with a vibration isolated table as standard accessory. Depending upon the application requirements, we undertake customization in spectrometer grating, detector and software interface. Invariably, for all orders of this system, our engineers provide installation and service at customer site.

* Laptop is not in the scope of supply

    Microscope Type :     Inverted Infinity Research Grade
    Nosepiece :     Motorized objective nosepiece
    Objective :     5X, 20X and 40X (User specified optional)
    Long working distance objective :     5X Plan apochromatic type 42mm Working distance
    Tube Length :     200 mm
    Imaging Camera :     3MP USB 3.0
    Sensor :     1/2.5" CMOS
    Illumination for imaging :     Top, Bottom and Co-Axial HB-LED Based
    Illumination Control :     Continuously Variable
    Laser wavelength :     532nm (785nm optional)
    Type :     Low noise variable power 100mW DPSS Laser
    Shutter :     Solenoid Type
    Spectrometer Type :     Czerny-Turner
    Focal Length :     200 mm
    Focal Ration :     f / 4
    Spectral range :     4000 ~ 100 cm-1 (Raman)
    The spectral resolution :     0.95 cm-1
    Mapping sample stage :     XYMR100 Motorized Stepper motor controlled
    Travel :     100 x 100 mm
    Resolution :     0.3125 Micron
    Scanning Speed :     4 mm / sec
    Focusing :     Motorized Stepper motor controlled
    Travel :     100 mm
    Resolution :     0.1 Micron
    Controller :     HOLMARC XYZ Stepper controller Unit
    Joystick :     3 Axis Joystick controller
    Semiconductor, Catalysts, Biological, Polymers, Minerals, Corrosion & General purpose
    Optional Accessories
    1. Sample Heating Unit
        Model A : Temperature Range : RT - 200 Degree C
        Model B : Temperature Range : 200 - 482 Degree C
    2. Specimen Holders
        Multiwell Plate Holder
        Petri Dish Holder
    3. Motorized objective lens selection unit

Confocal System using Rod Assembly

Holmarc provides cost effective solution for setting up confocal system with our rod assembly based components. All the optics can be held precisely along the optical axis using this setup. This provides flexibility for improvisation. The rod assembly system consists of precision ground stainless steel rods with tapped holes at both ends and precision machined plates / cubes having tightly toleranced holes for rods at the corners.

Product customization has been a core service of HOLMARC. Infrastructure and capabilities in mechanics and optics enable us to provide complete in-house services. We can assist in design and development of components as well as complete assemblies. We are dedicated to meet our customer needs by leveraging our years of experience in optics, mechanics and control electronics. Confocal System using Rod Assembly

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