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Confocal Micro Raman Spectrometer

Model : CRM 221C

Confocal Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique that combines Raman spectroscopy with confocal microscopy. It allows spatially resolved chemical analysis of samples by providing high-resolution Raman spectra from specific locations within a sample. A focused laser beam is used to illuminate the sample using the microscope, and the Raman-scattered light is collected through the same objective lens and coupled to the spectrometer.

Holmarc CRM 221C is a fully automatic upright infinity confocal microscope integrated with a high-resolution spectrometer and laser excitation system. The new ergonomic design helps the user capture the microscopic image and Raman spectrum easily. The color-corrected infinity design microscope has a motorized turret, filter wheel, switching mirror, sample stage, and focusing features. The turret comes with six slots for holding six different magnification microscope objectives. It is also equipped with an 8-slot automatic filter wheel for dielectric beamsplitters and a notch/edge filter combination for Raman and photoluminescence applications with different wavelength lasers. The viewing head is a stereo binocular head with a 5.0 MP CMOS camera, which gives clear, sharp, high-resolution images of the sample. The coaxial illumination and bottom LED illumination can be controlled by software. The hand-held controller provided with the system makes easy adjustments of the sample stage and LED control by using the joystick key.

The spectrometer is utilizing a Czerny Turner configuration with a motorized grating turret. The aberration-corrected 400-mm focal-length parabolic mirrors are provided for focusing and collimating the light. The high-reflective, aluminum-coated mirrors that are used inside the spectrometer and microscope provide robust performance. The dispersion element is a holographic diffraction grating that is balanced for the stoke wavelength to get maximum diffraction efficiency. The variable slit with a micrometer provided at the entrance port makes the slit width adjustment easy. The highly sensitive cooled linear CCD array detector is used as the detector, and the exposure time can be adjusted in the software from several milliseconds to minutes. The encoder-based grating rotation achieves better resolution and repeatability throughout the entire wavelength range.

The system comes with a standard 532 nm low-noise, 0.06 nm spectral resolution, and a high-stability laser with a Raman filter set for the same. It also has the facility to keep two more lasers inside the spectrometer, and the selection can be done by a motorized stage. Single, double, and triple grating turret configurations are also available.

The dedicated micro-Raman software features single, multi-spectrum,multi-live view, and Raman mapping of samples. A single shot can capture a Raman spectrum range of 100 cm 1 to 3500 cm 1. The spectrometer wavelength can be changed to cover a spectrum larger than 3500 cm 1.

Photoluminescence measurement can be performed with the stitched scanning option, which covers the entire wavelength range of 200 nm to 1050 nm (depending on the grating and detector).

Applications :

Photoluminescence, Raman Microscopy, Scanning Microscopy, etc.

    Equipment type :     Upright
    Optical System :     Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System
    Sample Stage :     Stepper motor controlled
    Objectives :     10x, 20x, 40 x and 60x Plan objectives
        45 mm parfocal confocal objective lens
    Objective Turret :     Motorized positioning and 6 slots for keeping
    Filter Selection Unit :     8 - slot dichroic filter cube assembly
    Tube Length :     200 mm
    Condenser :     Abbe condenser
    Focus :     Motorized Stepper motor controlled
    Illumination for imaging :     Bottom and Co-Axial HB-LED Based
    Illumination Control :     Continuously Variable PC-controlled
        Fully automatic Upright infinity confocal microscope and spectrometer design
        Easy sample focusing and Raman / PL analysis
        6 slot Motorized turret for microscope objective
        8 slot automatic filter wheel which can accommodate standard 35 x 25 mm & 25 mm diameter dielectric & edge / notch filters
        High Resolution 400 mm FL Czerny - Turner Spectrograph with 0.95 cm-1 resolution
        Optional Double / triple turret grating system
        Wide wavelength range 190nm - 2400 nm (depends on grating & detector)
        Cooled CCD detector with 3648 pixels
        3 different lasers add on provision with automatic selection
        Motorized sample stage X Y & Z
        Raman mapping
        Solid, liquid & thin film sample analysis

        Battery & solar cell research
        Material science
        Petroleum industry
        Life science
        Pharmaceutical Industry
        Chemical analysis
        Environment science



Silicon & Graphite


MoS2 On Silicon

Exfoliated Graphene

    Laser wavelength     532 nm
    Spectral Line Width     0.06 nm
    Type     Low noise variable power 100mW DPSS Laser
    Shutter     Electronic
    Option for two additional lasers

    Photoluminescence & Upconversion Spectrometer
    Spectrometer Type     Czerny-Turner
    Focal Length     400 mm
    Focal Ratio     f / 4
    Spectral range     350 - 1050 nm
    The spectral resolution     0.1 nm

    Laser wavelength (Std)     532 nm
    Optional lasers     Support up to 3 lasers in combination with a motorized selection option
    External Laser Integration     Additional port for integrating the external lasers
    Shutter     Electronic Type
    Spectrometer Type     Czerny-Turner
    Grating mount     Turret type
    Grating     600 l / mm (Optional 1200 / 1800 / 2400 l / mm)
    Focal Length     400 mm
    Raman Spectral range     100 cm-1 - 3500 cm-1 ( up to 7000 cm-1 on stitching)
    The spectral resolution     0.95 cm-1

    Raman Filter set details
    Razor Edge Dichroic laser beam splitter
    Raman Edge Filter Specifications :
    Transmission Band 1     Tavg > 93%
    Blocking Band     ODabs > 6
    Edge Steepness (%)     0.2 %
    Edge Steepness (cm-1)     37.5 cm-1
    Edge Steepness (nm)     1.1 nm
    Transition Width (nm)     2.7 nm
    Transition Width (cm-1)     90 cm-1

    Mapping Stage
    Mapping sample stage     XYMR50 Motorized Stepper motor controlled
    Travel     50 x 50 mm
    Resolution     0.3125 Micron
    Scanning Speed     4 mm / sec
    Focusing     Motorized Stepper motor controlled
    Travel     25 mm
    Resolution     0.1 Micron
    Controller     HOLMARC XYZ Stepper controller Unit
    Scanning     Programmable
    Joystick     3 Axis Joystick controller

    Detector Unit     Cooled Linear CCD Array (16Bit)
    Number of Pixels     3648 pixels
    Pixel Size     8 um x 200 um
    Sensor Length     29.18 mm
    Pixel Output Clock     0.5 MHz
    Data Storage on Camera     4 Frames
    ADC Resolution     16 bits
    Exposure Time Range     1 ms - 10,000 ms
    Frame Rate     138 scans / second*
    Trigger     Yes (Optional)
    Interface     USB 2.0 or RS-232
    Imaging Camera Specifications
    Optical format     1 / 2.5” CMOS
    Active imager size     5.70 mm x 4.28 mm, 7.13 mm diagonal
    Active pixels     2592 x 1944 (5Mp)
    Pixel size     2.2 x 2.2 um
    Color filter array     RGB Bayer pattern
    Shutter type     Global reset release (GRR), Snapshot only, Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)
    Maximum data rate / master clock     96 Mp / s at 96 MHz (2.8 V I / O)
    Frame rate     Full resolution - Programmable up to 15 fps
      VGA (640 x 480 with binning) - programmable up to 70 fps
    ADC resolution     12 - bit, on-chip
    Pixel dynamic range     70.1 dB
    Operating temperature     -30°C to +70°C
    Software     Holmarc Micro Raman Spectrometer PRO

    #    System Control and Data Collection software including Software for Sample Viewing
    #    Capable of managing user-built libraries and material identification with spectral databases
    Optional :
        Lasers  : 488 nm, 633nm, 785 nm etc.
        Spectrometer detector  : back thinned cooled CCD, EMCCD etc.
        Sample characterization  : Temperature controlled sample stage, polarization kit, etc

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