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Holmarc offers a wide range of high-precision micro positioning devices and systems. Micro Position Controller along with a combination of one or more of the MTS, LTMS or MTTS stages make a high accuracy positioning system for research, commercial and industrial applications. The option for selecting any of the various models of motorized translation stages makes it easy to develop a complete position control system involving any or all of the three linear or rotational axes.

Bipolar drive
PWM current control
1A / 5A drives
1/16 micro step
Microprocessor controlled
Power down mode
Position & speed control
Acceleration /deceleration
Trigger I / O
In-built power supply
Customizable number of axis
PC based operation
Serial port (RS232C) connectivity
Optional USB to serial converter

Holmarc stepper motor controller has microstep drives offering microstepping down to 128 microsteps per step. Usually stepper motor has 200 steps per revolution. We can increase step per revolution by using drives which can divide a single step in to 128 microstep. This allows much higher resolution up to 25600 micro steps per revolution.

Micro position controller unit also supports encoder feedback. A built in algorithm counts the incoming pulses from the encoder and compares it with the commanded number of steps to verify the accuracy of movement.

Multi Axes Positioning
Per Revolution
1/2 400
1/4 800
1/16 3200
1/128 25600
Holmarc provide up to 6 axes positioning controllers for all motion applications, individually programm- able for stepper motion control. Multi axes position controller is recommended for a wide variety of both simple and complex motion applications.
Customized Motion Control and Data Acquisition Systems

Holmarc also provides custom motion controllers with graphics LCD and micro switch keyboard which facilitates stand alone operation with a wide range of functions, without interfacing to a PC. The user interface in these systems can be developed according to specific application. Hence, the user is freed from meddling with unwanted features. The short learning curve also allows the user to dedicate more time to the actual task.

We will help you to develop a complete system for your motion control and data acquisition application using Holmarc's wide range of products and any third party instruments which have commonly used hardware or software interfaces like RS232, GPIB, DCOM etc.

Handheld Motion Control System

Hand-held stepper motor controller-driver offers up to 4 axes control for actuators, linear stages and rotation stages. The hand held unit features 128X micro stepping ratio for smooth, high resolution positioning. Two primary control modes are selectable, manual control and computer control.

To drive the stage using a PC, a command set will be provided which can be used to communicate with the controller using LabVIEW or any other programming language through RS 232 port.



Trigger In
Trigger Out

Position Controller is an easy-to-use software interface for Holmarc positioning system. It allows the user to operate the system in two modes, namely Manual and Programmable.

The Micro Position Controller software has a very short learning curve. According to the application requirements, the stages can be operated at different speeds and motion profiles, incorporate delay in between the movements to perform other tasks, trigger external devices or circuits and get itself triggered by an external trigger source.

The software enables the user to program each movement of the stage in the form of the following commands executed sequentially.
Manual Mode
There are 4 buttons in the Manual mode region of the dialog window, the functions of which are explained below.
> : Move the stage one step towards far-end.
> : Move the stage one step towards home.
>> : Move the stage continuously towards far-end. Click again to stop the movement.
<< : Move the stage continuously towards home. Click again to stop the movement.
Home : Move the stage towards home. Click again to stop the movement.
Reset : Click this button to reset the position display to zero.
Programmable mode
This mode enables the user to write a program, containing instructions to move different stages simultaneously, set the speed, incorporate delays and loop a set of instructions, execute that program and save it for later use.
    Home W : Move the stage one step towards home.
: Moves the stage for the specified displacement in degree.
Wait Incorporates a delay.
    Speed : Set the speed.
    Trigger IN : The program waits for an external trigger which is a TTL pulse applied through the Trigger Input on the front panel of the controller.
    Trigger OUT : The controller output a trigger which is a TTL pulse.
    Loop [index,
: The program loops index times from the address specified.
    Goto address : The program jumps to the address specified.
    Reset W : Resets the position display of the axis specified to zero.
Micro - Position Controller
Model Number of Axis Motor Type Motor Torque
(kg cm)
Control Typical
Payload (kg)*
MPCL1 L-OL 1 Stepper 1.5 Open Loop 20 None
MPCL2 L-OL 2 Servo 7 Closed Loop 35 None
MPCL3 L-OL 3 Stepper 10 Open Loop 50 None
MPCL4 L-OL 4 Servo 15 Closed Loop 60 None
MPCL6 L-OL 6 Stepper 31 Open Loop 80 None
MPC4L-OL-H 4 Stepper 7 Closed Loop 35 Hand held unit
* Typical payload for a linear translation stage, mounted horizontally, driven by the specified model
Customized Motion Control and Data Acquisition Applications
Measurement of spatial distribution of
Magnetic field strength of medium and large sized electromagnets.
Microwave and RF signal intensity of antennae.
Optical intensity of scattered, reflected or
    transmitted light in optical systems.
Multidimensional position control of
Mirror mounts, polarizers and light sources in optical systems.
Samples in nonlinear optics experiments.
Sensors and other components inside vacuum chambers
    and glove boxes.
High power laser head for laser cutting applications.
Spindles for marking and engraving applications.
Nanofiber Electrospinning targets for weaving of nanofibers. We manufacture customized systems for motion control and positioning applications in various scientific and industrial fields. We assist our clients in finding efficient technical solutions for position and motion control.
Material Science
Stress and strain analysis of fibers
Climate Science
Sun tracking Fore more details, please contact us
Motorized Translation Stage Ordering Information
    Travel - mm
    Carriage Size - L x W (Linear) or diameter (rotary) in mm
    Load Capacity - Kg
    Resolution - micron (Linear) or arc sec (rotary)
    Accuracy - micron (Linear) or arc sec (rotary)
    Speed - mm / sec (Linear) or degree / sec (rotary)
    Configuration - X, Y, Z (Linear)
    A (Yaw) , B (Pitch), C (Roll) (rotary)
    Combination : It is possible to select different combinations like XY, XZ, XYZ, XYA, XZA, XYZA, XYZB, XYZC, XYZAB, XYZBC, XYZABC.
    User Interface - PC, Hand held unit, Both.
    Control - Closed loop & Open loop
    Closed loop control : It uses an encoder attached to stage or motor which gives feed back of motion of the stage or motor.
    Open loop control : It depends on accuracy of steps of the motor and does not have a feedback from encoder.
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