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Desktop Vibration Isolation Support

Model : DVIS - 01
Equipped with Pneumatic controller unit
Specially designed for high vibration sensitive instrumentation

Holmarc’s desktop vibration isolation supports are designed to use with breadboards and small optical tables. They provide portability and localized air suspension for small-scale experiments and vibration sensitive instrumentation. This system utilizes air isolation method for vibration isolation. These are time and space saving isolators which are ideal to use with microscopes and other optical systems. Four independent air cushion legs along with an oil free air compressor are required for a setup. The system gets ready for use by just placing breadboards / tabletops on to these supports. DVIS Supports a wide range of breadboards and optical table sizes. Though normally supplied as a set of four, extra mounts can be used to increase load capacity.

    Model No. :     Suitable for Optical Breadboard     Price $
    DVIS - 01 :     Light weight series (suitable for breadboards upto 4 ft  x  3 ft)     880.00

The breadboard sits on four inflated rubber cushions. All the four supports will be independant. Portable foot pump will be supplied along with the support

Oil free air compressor

Oil free air compressor will be supplied along with the Desktops Vibration Isolation Support.

Fig. Desktops Vibration Isolation support Transmissibility Graph

Rigid, non-isolating support frame can be upgraded to desktop vibration isolation support. Contact our technical support engineer at

Note : Optical breadboard must be purchased separately,

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