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Digital Inline Holography Microscope

Model No: HO-DIHM-HT01

Holmarc’s Digital In-line Holography microscope, model HO-DIHM-HT01, is a powerful imaging device that allows for the digital reconstruction of complex objects (amplitude and phase) from a single intensity image captured by passing coherent light through it.

Holmarc’s DIHM is equipped with a transmission type in-line geometry. A coherent point light source illuminates the sample, and a CMOS camera records the 2D interference pattern created by the scattered light (object beam) with non-scattered light (reference beam). The software then computes the field backward to different planes to numerically recreate the samples’ 3D structure from the recorded 2D interference pattern. For 3D reconstruction, the software employs a single shot phase unwrapping algorithm. The DIHM’s broad depth of field allows it to image large volumes with equivalent resolution and to image particles at different depths simultaneously without the use of mechanical scanning.

The HO-DIHM-HT01 can be used both in-situ and ex-situ to image particles ranging in size from sub-microns to several millimetres. It records the interference pattern using a 405nm diode laser with pinhole assembly as a point light source and Sony’s 1/1.8” 3.17Mpix CMOS IMX174 sensor. The 134 fps USB3.0 sensor delivers great image quality and low noise performance. The distance between the sample to pinhole and sample to camera is adjustable from the software. A motorized ND filter wheel is provided in front of the laser to adjust the laser power for different sample conditions. DIHM_V01 is an easy-to-use programme that allows you to save, rebuild, and analyse each hologram frame.


    DIHM configuration   Horizontal Laser
    Light source   405nm diode laser (50mW)
    Sample illumination beam profile   Plane wave front (Collimated beam)
    Intensity control   Motorized variable ND filter, via software
    Spatial filter assembly   Microscope objective based
    Collimating optics   Multi-element design, Spherical aberration corrected
    Source to sample distance   Fixed
    Sample to Camera distance   Adjustable up to 200 mm, motorized movement, adjustable via software
    YZ Sample stage   Manual, Provision to hold optical chamber of 8cm x 4cm x 1cm or higher
    Camera specifications
    Sensor type   CMOS Mono
    Sensor size   14.158 mm x 7.500 mm (16.02 mm diagonal)
    Pixel size   3.45 um Full resolution = 4104 x 2174 Pixels (8.92 Mpix)
    Shutter   Global shutter
    Sensor characteristic   Linear Readout mode = Progressive scan
    Sensor model   Sony IMX267
    ADC   12 bit
    Gain (Master / RGB)   24X / 4X
    Pixel clock range   99 MHz - 395 MHz
    Frame rate freerun mode   33
    Frame rate trigger (Continuous)   33
    Frame rate trigger (maximum)   33
    Exposure time (Min - Max)   0.027 ms - 1000 ms
    Long exposure (Maximum)   30000 ms
    Power consumption   1.6 W - 3.9 W
    Image memory   128 MB
    Interface connector   USB Type-C, Screwable
    Power supply   USB cable
    Lens mount   C - Mount
    Dimensions   34 mm x 44 mm x 47 mm
    Software   DIHM_V02
    Software features   Image grabbing, Continuous mode recording, Frame by frame processing, Movie mode processing, image measurements, motorized stage controls
    Particle size analysis

    Particle tracking in 3D

    Cell biology, 3D dynamic analysis of cells

    Study of ice crystal habits in could chamber


    Marine biology

    Deformation analysis

    Refractive index characterization

    Ferroelectric metrology


Fig. 1. Hologram - Single frame

Fig. 2. Binary particle map

Particle 1 - Amplitude

Particle 1 - Phase

Particle 1 - 3D Phase


Particle 2 - Amplitude

Particle 2 - Phase

Particle 2 - 3D Phase


Particle 3 - Amplitude

Particle 3 - Phase

Particle 3 - 3D Phase


Particle 4 - Amplitude

Particle 4 - Phase

Particle 4 - 3D Phase


Particle 5 - Amplitude

Particle 5 - Phase

Particle 5 - 3D Phase


Particle 6 - Amplitude

Particle 6 - Phase

Particle 6 - 3D Phase

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