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Angle Dependent Dip Coating Unit

Model: HO-TH-ADDC1

Holmarc Angle Dependant Dip Coating unit enables nano layer coating of substrates by dipping them in beakers containing coating solution. The dipping angle can be varied from 0 to 45 degree depending upon the requirement. There are 4 beaker holder provided for coating 4 different substrates. The dipping speed, dip duration, withdrawal speed and dry duration can be varied for each beaker independently.

Basic principle of ADDC: The substrate is drawn out of the coating solution under a well defined angle of inclination. Both surfaces are coated simultaneously resulting in different film thickness on front and back side.

One of the advantage of ADDC is the reduced number of layers or coating steps to obtain the desired thin film properties.

    Actuator :     Servo motor
    Drive mechanism :     Lead screw
    Speed control :     Available
    Power input :     230V, 50Hz
    PC connectivity :     Serial port (RS 232)
    Stroke length max. :     75 mm
    Drawing speed min. :     18 micron / sec
    Drawing speed max. :     9000 micron / sec
    Dimensions (appx.) :     570 x 300 x 475 mm
    Program memory :     8 Programs
    Max. power consumption :     800 Watts
    Maximum load capacity :     2 Kg


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