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Double Beam Dual
Detector Spectrophotometer

Model: UV2-1911D

HOLMARC’s UV2-1911D Spectra UV-Vis Double Beam Scanning Spectrophotometer has excellent performance blazed holographic grating and optimized CT-type monochromator to reduce stray light and widen the photometric range.

UV2-1911D’s large LCD screen displays the menu and makes the device easier to use. This instrument ensures high sensitivity, reduced noise, and ultra-low stray light. This spectrophotometer is rugged, reliable, affordable, and maintenance free. UV-VIS Double Beam UV2-1911D Spectrometer’s enhanced transmission and full reflection makes this double beam instrument precise with minimum noise. Additionally, this instrument can be interfaced with a computer and a printer to display the photometric and spectral data on the PC monitor. Holmarc’s Spectra Photometric Analyte software can be used along with the instrument for wide range of uses and applications.

Photometric mode measures absorbance or transmittance at a single wavelength or at multiple wavelengths. Spectrum mode obtains sample spectra using wavelength scanning. Changes in the sample can be tracked using repeated scans. Quantitation mode generates a calibration curve from standard samples and uses it to calculate concentration of unknown samples. Kinetics mode measures the change in absorbance as a function of time, and thereby obtains enzymatic activity values. Time scan mode measures the change in absorbance, transmittance, or energy as a function of time.

    Optical system :     CT Dual beam
    Wavelength range :     190 nm – 1100 nm
    Spectral bandwidth :     1 nm
    Wavelength display :     0.1 nm resolution
    Stray light :     ≤ 0.12 % T (220 nm NaI, 340 nm NaNO2)
    Wavelength accuracy :     + 0.2 nm
    Wavelength reproducibility :     + 0.1 nm
    Photometric system :     Dual beam, dynamic feedback direct ratio recording system
    Optical system :     C-T monochromator, 1200 l/mm holographic grating
    Photometric method :     Transmittance, Absorbance, Energy and Concentration
    Photometric range :     0 ~ 2.0 Abs
    Photometric accuracy :     + 0.002 Abs (0 ~ 0.5 Abs)
        + 0.004 Abs (0.5 ~ 1.0 Abs)
        + 0.15 % T (0 ~ 100 % T)
    Photometric reproducibility :     + 0.001 Abs (0 ~ 0.5 Abs)
        + 0.002 Abs (0.5 ~ 1.0 Abs)
        + 0.15 % T (0 ~ 100 % T)
    Baseline flatness :     ± 0.002 Abs (200 - 1100 nm)
    Baseline stability :     0.001 Abs / 30 min
    Scanning speed :     1 nm to 1400nm / min - Selectable
    Input Voltage :     230V 50Hz
    PC interface :     RS - 232 or USB
    Photometric noise :     ± 0.001 Abs (500 nm, 30 min warmup)
    Light source :     Deuterium lamp and Tungsten Halogen lamp with auto selection system
    Detector :     Hamamatsu Silicon photodiode
    Software support :     Spectra PhotoANALYTE
    Display :     Digital LCD display
    Sample chamber :     4 cell sample holder / chamber

Fig. Optical Layout of Spectra HO-SP-3480 Spectrophotometer

System Features

    Compact Design

    Large LCD and friendly interface make the operation extremely easy.

    Precise measurements over a wide photometric range.

    Step scan function provides reliable peak assignment of samples with sharp or narrow absorption peaks.

    User-friendly graphical interfaces.

    Excellent signal-to-noise ratio for the entire UV to NIR spectral range.

Spectra Photo ANALYTE

    Spectrum scanning

    Photometric measurements

    Kinetic measurements

    Quantitative determination

    Multi component analyses Powerful data processing

    Printing report

Accessories for UV2-1911D

    6 Cell Automatic Reference / Sample Holder

    8 Optical Glass Cuvettes 10mm

    2 Quartz Cuvettes 10mm

    Dust cover

    Instruction manual

    Power cable and PC cable

    Software CD

    Tungsten Halogen Lamp

    CD of installation and how to use the UV2-1911D

Optional Accessories

    Integrating Sphere

    Thinfilm & Powder Sample Holder

    Peltier Kinetic Test System

    Flow Through System

    Variable Angle Reflection Measurement Unit

For Custom Glass Cuvettes,
please Specify the
Optical path
Dimensions (mm)
Volume (ml)
Beam width (mm)

Custom Glass Cuvettes

We can manufacture quartz cells and cuvettes of custom specifications for spectrometer, spectrophotometer, colorimeter, and other instruments.

Cuvette holder

The cuvette holder unit is manufactured for various cuvette sizes and applications. Some cuvette holders are equipped with SMA fibre connectors and collimators.

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