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Dual Pump Nano Fiber Electrospinning Unit

with Humidity Control and
Camera for Viewing Taylor Cone
Model: HO-NFES-043CH

This model has a humidity display unit in which the user can set the required humidity level. The humidity control unit activates the built-in humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on the user settings, to maintain the humidity level at the set value. It also features two digital cameras which captures the image of the Taylor cones at both the spinnerets. Holmarc's (HO-NFES-043CH model) Electro-spinning equipment features two syringe pumps on both sides of the rotating collector drum.

The distance between the syringe and drum can be adjusted. The speed, direction, travel and dispensing rate can be changed on both syringe pumps. Using this technique helps the end user to increase the production rate of nano fibers as well as two different materials can be spun simultaneously.

It is used to make nano and micro fibers ranging from 50nm to 5 microns in diameter. Many kind of polymers like Protein nanofibers, carbon nanotubes, inorganic nanofibers etc. can be synthesized using our nano fiber electrospinning unit. Our equipment uses horizontal spinning when compared to other equipments available in the market. This technology assures the quality of the spun fibers with no dip and uneven diameter. Its user friendly software, task oriented design, ease of operation and competitive pricing are certain features that place our equipment ahead of other products available in the market.

Holmarc’s HO-SPLF4 model syringe pump render a smooth and uninterrupted flow enabling uniform spinning. HMPSKV30 model high voltage power supply delivers 0-30 KV output voltage range with a maximum current capacity of 0.5 mA. A stationary target, an XY moving target and Rotating mandrels of six different diameters are supplied along with the unit.

HO-FH-03 model fume hood provides the compact unit an enclosed atmosphere with 3 transparent side walls to monitor the electro spinning process. The hood also has features like exhaust fan, granite work surface and optional features like high bright halogen lighting, duct of custom dimension to be connected to an exhaust duct available onsite etc as with the other model. This model uses a microprocessor based control unit that interfaces the operations of the syringe pump and Mandrel.


Key Features

    Humidity controller with both humidification and dehumidification

    Dual digital camera for viewing Taylor cone

    Cabin Heating  :  Upto 45°C using 1000 watt coil heater

    The chamber is provided with Residual Charge Discharge Stick which is used for static removal.

    Safety switch provided to switch off H.V. Power supply when door is opened.

    LED cabin lighting and back light to view Needle tip and electro spin process.

    Exhaust fan is provided for solvent vaporization. It is also used for cooling down the equipment after spin process.

    Emergency stop is provided on the control panel to stop the equipment where there is any emergency.

    Coaxial spinneret: Our Nano fiber electrospinning unit equips Coaxial spinneret which helps to produce Hollow nanofibers and Core / Sheath nanofibers. This technology can also be used to combine different characteristics of each polymer into one fiber.

    Graduation scale provided on the granite surface in X & Y direction which helps the end-user to achieve repetitive results by marketing the positions of syringe pump and target.

    User friendly software enables PC interfacing that helps the regulation and control of various features like Rotating mandrel speed, Spin Duration, Syringe pump flow rate, XY target movement etc.

    Rotating Mandrel targets of varying diameters, Stationary target and Reciprocating XY target provided with the system.

    System hood has features like Exhaust fan, halogen lighting and transparent door for monitoring electrospinning process.

    Built-in Arc Protection Circuit

I.    High Voltage Power Supply

HOLMARC HO-NFES-040 comes with HMPSKV30 model high voltage power supply. It has 0 - 30kV output voltage range with a maximum current capacity of 0.5mA. Output voltage and current can be set using front panel knobs and readout from the digital panel meters.

Specifications :

1.  0 - 30kV Single Output, 0.5mA max Current

2.  Digital Voltmeter and Current meter

3.  Static Removal Device - Shorting Stick

4.  Constant current / Constant Voltage mode of operation

5.  Built-in ARC Circuit Protection

II.    Independently Controlled Dual Channel Syringe Pump

HOLMARC’S HO-SPLF4 model syringe pump provides independent control of two dual channel syringe pumps. The speed and flow rate can be changed on both to achieve custom fabrications of fibers.

The Syringe pump also can be moved to and fro in X axis. The maximum travel distance is 200mm. The movement is controlled via PC.

It can operate with standard off-the-shelf syringes made of plastic, glass or stainless steel. The microprocessor based control circuit can render a flow rate of 16 µl/hr to 630 ml/hr (with 5ml Syringe). The syringe diameter, spin duration or the target volume can be set by the user through the ElectroSpinner software interface.

Specifications :

1.  To dispense from standard disposable or glass syringes from 2.5 to 60ml

2.  Syringe holder made of insulating material to work under high voltage conditions

3.  Motor control through microcontroller to control and indicate flow rate

4.  Four syringe dispensing system

5.  PC based control with documentation of parameters like syringe diameter, flow rate, spray duration etc.

6.  Manual height adjustment platform to vary the pump height according to the target height.

III.    Rotating Mandrel

Rotating mandrels which comes with the electrospinning unit can be used as a target to get an aligned continuous mesh of nanofiber. It has a speed range of 300rpm to 4000rpm suitable for electrospinning. Grounding of the mandrel to the HV power supply is attained through a carbon brush contact. The rotating mandrel has a speed stability of +/- 1%. Holmarc’s HO-RM-01 is a high speed rotating mandrel assembly which works with Holmarc HO-MN series mandrels of 2mm to 100mm diameter and is of 200mm length. No. of mandrels supplied are 100mm, 75mm, 50mm, 25mm, 15mm, 12mm, 6mm, 4mm, 2mm.

Specifications :

1.  Stainless steel drums of different sizes

2.  Rotational Speed : 300 - 4000 rpm

3.  Grounding facility : Available

4.  Actuator : Microprocessor controlled BLDCmotor with hall sensor feedback

5.  Speed stability : +/- 1%

6.  PC based control with documentation of speed and duration

IV.    Y Plate Collector & Stationary Target

This collector can be used as Stationary target or as Y plate collector. The stationary target which acts as a collector of electro spun nanofibers, is made of stainless steel plate such that it can be held vertically on a table top. It also has connector for grounding.

Using a stationary target alone cannot attain a uniform density of fibers, as most of the fiber is collected around the point orthogonal to the syringe needle. Combined with X movement provided on the syringe pump, the Y translation stage on the target keeps the target move through a commanded motion profile. Depending on the motion profile, fibers get collected uniformly on the target. The motion profile can be created using a series of commands available in the software.

Specifications :

1.  Plate Dimension 250 x 175 x 3mm

2.  Plate Material : Stainless Steel

3.  Grounding Facility : Available

4.  Programmable Y motion profile to control the nano fiber deposition characteristics

5.  PC based motion control with documentation of parameters like speed, traverse, motion profile and duration

V.    Spinneret

a.    Needle Spinneret

The Flat tipped metal needles are provided for the easy flow of the nano fibers. The high voltage is connected to the tip of the needle using metal clips.

b.    Co axial Spinneret

The Coaxial spinneret provides simultaneous flow of two different solutions. This helps to produce Hollow nanofibers and Core / Sheath nanofibers.

VI.    Fume Hood

HOLMARC’s HO-FH-03 model fume hood provides an enclosed atmosphere for electrospinning. An enclosed chamber is necessary to protect the user from pollutant air caused by solvent evaporation during the process. It comes with an exhaust fan attached or optionally with a duct of custom dimension so that it can be connected to an exhaust duct available onsite.

HOLMARC’s Fume Hood also has an option for in-built heater capable to provide a temperature up to 45°C. An independent PID controller ensures precise control of temperature. A common electronic control unit for all the devices in the electrospinning system is integrated within the hood.

The fume Hood has transparent side walls and front door shield made of float glass. This ensures good visibility of the process. High intensity light from the optional halogen lamp illuminates the nanofibers being spun on its way to the target. The table top is made of granite which makes the cleaning process easy.

Specifications :

1.  Standalone unit with in-built power supply and wiring for the heater, lighting and exhaust

2.  Transparent glass windows on three sides for easily monitoring the electrospinning process

3.  Foot print: 1000mm x 800mm x 1672 mm

4.  Construction Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Glass

5.  Epoxy coated for electrical insulation

6.  Ambient to 40°C temperature control

7.  Exhaust fan ventilation at the top of the hood which can be connected to an exhaust outlet available at the customer facility.

VII.    Accessories

a.    Normal Glass Syringe

b.    Glass Syringe with tube connector

c.    Spare Needle

d.    Teflon Tube

VIII.    UV Curing Lamp (Optional)

A special 10W 254nm UV light can be added on top of the rotating collector drum which helps to cure the spun fibers.

It can be switched on during the operation or when fiber spun is completed on the collector drum.

As the UV light is harmful for our skin and eye, the glass surfaces of the chamber is protected with special coatings to reflect maximum UV.

The controller is also provided with an ON/OFF Switch for the UV Lamp.

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Weight (appx.) - 622 Kg
Note : Dedicated earthing for the unit should be provided onsite by the customer for safe operation of the equipment

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