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Electricity & Magnetism

Electricity provides a wide variety of well-known effects such as lightning, static electricity, electromagnetic induction and flow of electrical current. All materials are influenced differently by the presence of a magnetic field. In this section, we are introducing some equipments to study various properties of electricity and magnetism for graduate and post graduate students.

Millikan's Oil Drop Apparatus

Holmarc's Millikan oil drop apparatus is modernized version of classic set-up used to find out the electron charge. The apparatus makes use of CCD camera ...

Apparatus for the study of Photo Electric Effect (Planck’s constant)

Holmarc’s Photo Electric Apparatus is an instrument for studying the Photo Electric Effect and to obtain the Planck’s constant. A halogen source provides ...

e/m Experiment (Thomson’s Method)

Holmarc's e/m apparatus is designed for the measurement of the charge to mass ratio e/m, of the electron. This equipment also facilitates the demonstration ...

Franck - Hertz Experiment

The Franck-Hertz experiment is a fundamental quantum physics experiment which confirmed the quantization of atomic energy levels.

Apparatus for the Study of Biot - Savart's Law

Apparatus for the Study of Biot - Savart's Law, it is possible to calculate the magnetic field of any current carrying conductor using Biot - Savart's law.

Hall Effect Apparatus

Holmarc's Hall Effect apparatus is designed for modern laboratories with state of the art modules and components.

Hall Effect Sample Holder for Electromagnet

It facilitates the positioning of samples, like the crystals or thin films exhibiting Hall effect, between the two poles of an electromagnet

Magnetic Susceptibility - Quinke’s Method

Holmarc's Magnetic Susceptibility - Quincke's Method Apparatus is designed for the determination of magnetic susceptibility of a given solution.

Magnetic Susceptibility - Gouy's method

Holmarc's Magnetic Susceptibility - Gouy's Method Apparatus is designed for the determination of magnetic susceptibility of solid samples.

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